Monday, December 5, 2011

Some Great Holiday Decorating Ideas

I thought I would share some of these great ideas for Holiday decorating that I found on

I love this decorating idea!! Candy Canes in a white urn-really beautiful!

I thought this was really cute-some Southern charm!!

I think I might try this idea-clay pots with pine cones and red Christmas ornaments. Dress up your porch or the outdoors.

I love this garland around the door with the Christmas tree and wreath.

I need to start decorating around here, but it has been so busy! I will be working on decorating Wednesday night after work. I'll post some pictures of what I've done with the house. Everyone happy decorating!!


  1. Cute ideas. I love those candy canes in the white urn!

  2. Yep! The candy canes have it!! Sounds like you DID have a busy weekend - congrats for doing so well with your jewelry Sherri...that is VERY exciting indeed!!

  3. Love the clay pots with the pine cones and red balls...

  4. I LOVE Pinterest...I'm SO addicted! lol I adore the candy cane one, I haven't seen that before, but I saw the the ya'll sign and loved it! :)
    Thanks for your comment on my mantle...I really do love how it turned out...and so does Carson apparently! lol :)
    Hope you have a great day sweet friend!

  5. These are all so beautiful! I would love some pine smell around the house.

  6. Oh I love those candy canes! What a great decorating idea! Thanks for posting these great pictures -

    Have a wonderful Holiday Sherri - it is always so great to hear from you!



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