Monday, April 9, 2012

Back from NJ Safe and Sound

Hi Everyone! We got back from NJ around 6:30 tonight from NJ. The trip went quickly both going and coming back, which is always good. My Mom is doing much better. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes! She went to the Dr. this afternoon and had all her packing from her nose removed and the ENT Dr. said she had a burst blood vessel. Her blood pressure went sky high when she was in the emergency room because of the severe bleeding and the fact that she was so upset. That is understandable. She still has to take it easy for another 3-4 days or so. Well all chipped in and made Easter dinner which turned out really good! It was really good to see my Mom and Dad, sisters, nieces and nephews. My Dad, John, Sandy (my younger sister), her husband, Dan, their youngest daughter, Shawna and my nephew, Troy went on a 5.5-6 mile hike. My Dad makes this trek every other day. There are 3 lakes and the swans are usually on there. He has seen up to 98 swans at a time. Unfortunately we went later in the afternoon than my Dad usually and there were only a few swans there, but they were still gorgeous! It was a beautiful day and it was great to see my Dad so happy that we all went with him. My parents were so happy to see Owen! He was such a good little boy the entire weekend! He also traveled very well up to NJ and back. On the way back Jenny said he slept almost the whole way home! We all had so much fun with him! I have alot of pictures, which I will be posting probably tomorrow. Now that we are back in town, we have to get moving on packing. We move on Saturday!!! YIKES do I have alot to accomplish for that date! It will be good to get settled in until the house is done being built, which should be about 6 months. Well this is it for now!


NanaDiana said...

It will be fun to see some of your pictures, Sherri. I am glad that your Mom is doing better. I am sure just being IN the ER was enough to spike her blood pressure.

I can't believe how many swans your Dad has seen...well, I DO believe it but -WOW. Can you imagine? I am glad the baby was so good for the weekend and traveling-

Blessings to you...xo Diana

Florence and Mary said...

Glad to hear your mum is on the mend.

Victoria xxx

vicki said...

Sherri- I'm so sorry your Mom has been ill- I had no idea. I hope she continues to get better. Bless your heart for all your worries.

Wow- good luck with your moving day. I'm excited for you to be in your new house! I'm sure you will share pictures!

Sherri said...

Vicki-we are only moving to an apartment right now. The house won't be done until October 1st. But you can be sure there will be pictures then and along the way! Thanks for your thoughts on my Mom! You are a sweetie!

jenclair said...

Glad to hear that your mom is doing better. Scary, that.

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