Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good News, the Builder will be breaking ground soon!!

We heard from the builder of our new home the other day and they will be breaking ground in the next week or so!!  We are over the top excited.  It has been very trying at times living in the apartment and to hear that we are getting closer and closer to October just made us giddy LOL!!

John and I have to met with the builder in about a week to go over the plans again with him to make sure everything is set just the way we want it.  I really want to talk to him about the granite choices.  We only had 3 granite selections and I really didn't get the choice I wanted.  They switched out the granite samples and it didn't include the one we saw in the model.  I picked Uba Tuba which is black and I really wanted something that was a cream color with brown streaks through it.  I'm sure we can come to some arrangement, they seem like reasonable people.

I really am having a hard time with not gardening this summer.  While Megan, our oldest daughter is "babysitting" my plants and doing a great job of it, I miss my plants!  She sends me texts with pictures of them so I can seem them blooming-isn't that sweet of her!!  This Fall we can still put some plants in and maybe even start a Fall/Winter Veggie Garden but until then I guess it is the Farmer's Market for my fresh flowers and veggies.  It could be worse I know.

I have a mantra that I say every day, "We only have 3.5 months in the apartment, we only have 3.5 months in the apartment, we only have 3.5 months in the apartment...

Thanks for putting up with my whining!!


julie - eab designs said...

That's great news! When we first moved to VA we had to live in a one bedroom small condo while our house was being built so I can definitely relate. We got to move in one day before Thanksgiving and I actually cooked Thanksgiving dinner, I was so happy to be at last in our home. Hope your 3.5 months flies by!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

That is super news Sherri! I'm thinking that while you are moving in...I'll be the one that says just 3.5 more months as we start kitchen renovation this fall ~ lol! Just think of THAT...dust could have that Sherri (in case 3.5 months isn't working anymore!!!)
On another note, glad I'm not the only one who books a vacation without air - ha! It's something we laugh!

NanaDiana said...

I am so excited for you, Sherri! We were in an apartment for a few months and the hardest part for me was not being able to be out working in the yard. I can't wait FOR you! xo Diana

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I know what you are going through! IF we decide to build we will be doing the same thing in a few months.

I miss my garden, but I do have my container gardens with herbs, lettuce, tomato and radishes...for everything else I am off to the farmers market.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Great news, Sherri! I'll bet the 3.5 months fly by.

jenclair said...

I know you are thrilled! You can begin your gardening in the fall, and you'll have all winter too plan more!

Joyce's Journey said...

How exciting! You will be moving in at a perfect time and you will be all comfy and settled when you plant next year's garden!

tinajo said...

That sure is great news - hurrah! :-)

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