Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Favorite Yarn Shop is Closing!

I have been going to Cottage Yarn for about 3-4 years.  I love the owner, Sara!  Sara has decided to retire and unless someone steps in and buys the shop it will be closing in a little while.  I am sad to see this little shop go but I do understand why Sara wants to retire!  Some of us will still be meeting and knitting together but we will have to go to the 3 other shops in Charlotte to buy our yarn.  I have a pretty good yarn stash right now so I shouldn't have to buy alot for awhile.

I really hate to see another little shop that is independently owned close.  The area where I live could really use a yarn shop.  The other 3 shops in the area in in Charlotte and not really close to where I live.  1 of the shops is close to where I work, so that would work for me as far as buying yarn.

I have made many friends at Cottage Yarn and I hope some of us remain friends and go on trips, go to yarn festivals, knit on Tuesday and Sundays and just remain connected.


  1. Oh- I am sorry that your yarn shop is closing! It is sad to see all those little shops close, isn't it? xo Diana


  2. That's always sad when an independent, much loved shop has to close - hopefully someone will buy and keep it going.

    On my way to Antarctica I bought some beautiful wool on the Falkland Islands from local sheep-it's undyed and just lovely. I started a simple scarf on board the ship when I had down time but needed to keep my hands busy while chatting with other passengers in the lounge - now I need to complete it. You can see it a few posts back.

    Have a lovely week and keep those needles clacking Sherri.

    Mary X

  3. Oh dear... I'm so sorry. I hate it when we lose a favorite shop too. I hope you'll find another one that will be a happy place for you.

  4. Oh no-- Sherri this is so sad for you! We stop at yarn shops when we travel-- but there are NO yarn shops in the area where I live. Most of my shopping is done online-- but that's not nearly as special as having a favorite place nearby.

    I'm sad for you---

  5. Aww, I always hate when that happens - too bad! :-(

  6. Gosh do we hate it when we hear that! Especially when you forge friendships with the owner and the other customers! We have a retail friend that wants to retire from her business and is still trying to find someone to take over her shop. Problem is, no one wants to put in the time and effort she does everyday in running the business. I don't think a lot of people realize what it takes to run a business...we hear all of the time...."you can do that (meaning what ever we want) because you own your own business!" Yep, people think you are the luckiest duck in the world because of that....they just don't realize what all we do after hours, before hours and what we bring home to do!!
    Anyway...I'll step off my soapbox ~ lol!! Hope all is well with you and your kiddos :) Thanks for popping in ~ always lovely to hear from ya!!


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