Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Weekend!

I have had a really good weekend so far!  I took yesterday off from work.  It was a much needed R & R day!  I have been working so hard and I just needed a break.  I went with Jenny and Owen to a fabric store in Gastonia, NC.  They had so much there!  Jenny got material for Baby Jack's Nursery.  We then left and came back down to where I live in Mint Hill.  We went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch.  I swear that little Owen has a hollow leg!  That boy can eat-LOL!!  We then went to Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Old Navy.  It was a really nice day!  I came home and was tired so I took a nap.

Today John and I had to be up and ready for the Warranty man from True Homes.  We have a flooring issue in our Master Bedroom and Bath and a hardware floor issue by the back door.  The Warranty man agreed we have to have all our bedroom furniture moved out and the carpet pulled up and in the bath the tile removed and the underlayment (flooring under the carpet) screwed down properly.  We are pretty sure one of the workers forgot to screw the underlayment down!  It will be pretty messy but we don't want problems down the road.

After the warranty man left John and I ate breakfast and then we went outside to measure for a patio.  We are thinking 18' wide by 25' long.  I have a few subcontractors from work that will give me a good deal and one even said he would just charge me for materials, which I thought was very, very nice of him!!  It is exciting to plan out the patio, gardens, walls, raised beds, etc.  We also picked up some sticks that had fallen off the trees in the backyard.  Teddy loved chasing all of them-LOL!!!

Here are some photos I took this morning while I was sitting at the breakfast room table watching the birds at the feeder:

Last week I noticed some trees were cleared from the lot across the street from our house.  Sure enough on Thursday night when I got the mail the builder is starting to clear the lot and building a new house there.  I hope our new neighbors are really nice.  Here is the lot (notice the lovely Carolina Blue sky!!!):

This afternoon I will be chillin' out reading and knitting.  I have started Jack's blanket.  April will be here before you know it!

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I hope your neighbors are nice also. My daughter has issues with her new house too. I am wondering where the pride of being a builder is ,any more.The contractor keeps trying to smooth things over, without taking any action. I told my daughter, get him back there and show first hand the things that are is a squeeky floor, I think they didn't screw the subflooring down enough. Hope you and my daughter get good results. xoxo,Susie

  2. I hope they fix the floors quickly, Sherri. Good for you taking a nice long weekend. You deserve it!

  3. I know the builder will take care of the squeeky floor. The warranty man has to come out first and then assess what's wrong. He has put in a work order and said it will be taken care of quickly. They have been very good so far!

    Mary-I am so happy I took of the day! I needed it. Things just never let up at work!

  4. Hi Sherri,

    The photos of your yard look so pretty. My yard is covered in snow right now so seeing yours brings me some cheer. Have a lovely weekend.


  5. It looks so springlike where you are - here it´s just snowing and snowing right now. I´d prefer your surroundings to tell the truth, I´ve had enough of winter! :-)

  6. Your blue sky, and green grass looks so much nicer than our half a foot of snow. Lucky girl!

  7. Beautiful blue sky... sunshine~ I hope your weekend has been filled with R & R and joy! :)

    Thank you for your sweet notes~
    We were pleased to only have 9 inches here. The most beautiful snow I can remember~ It is still clinging to every surface like a blanket of velvet!
    Pretty... pretty...

  8. Sherri-
    Your weekend truly does sound perfect-- how can you go wrong with Hobby Lobby!!! You have such a lovely view from your house-- love that you can enjoy the birds--
    I'm sure you are finding new things to love about your beautiful new home every day!

  9. Sherri I'm so glad things are finally settling down, at least for a little bit. Looks really pretty and can't wait to see new house!


  10. oh my goodness Sherri! That little Owen is so quick! And...of course ADORABLE :) How you can not eat him all up, I do not know!!
    Love your back yard...and your patio dreaming! Looking forward to seeing it complete ~ summer will be here before we know it!

  11. Thank you everyone! I never got back to check my blog until today and I was surprised at all the comments. Thanks everyone for visiting me! We are very lucky to have such lovely whether here in NC! We are expecting rain tonight, but I will take that any day over snow! I did get alot of R&R this weekend-it was much needed!

    Summer Kitchen Girls-yes that little Owen is so attached to my heart! I can't remember life without him! Wait until his little brother arrives on 4/19!! From the ultrasound they look so much alike!

  12. Here's hoping everything goes well with the floor fix. There's always something at first, but eventually you'll have everything perfect. It's going to be fun having new neighbors. You live in such a beautiful area.


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