Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saturday and Sunday

 Friday one of my co-workers gave me four small eggplants.  Well I love eggplant parm, so guess what I made on Saturday....

So yummy!!!

Today Jenny and the grandboys came for a visit.  We had so much fun!  Jenny dressed Jack up like a skeleton and a bumblebee.  He was ok with the skeleton costume, not really loving the bumblebee costume.  Owen was loving showing Papa toys in the toy catalog that came from Target.  He also had fun riding his little car out in our front yard. 

I have been working on a mystery knit along and I am about 75% done.  This is called the Morticia Shawl.  It is from Boo Yarns.  I love the yarn-it is Tussah Silk and hand dyed by Debbie Davis at The Fibre Studio in the South Park section of Charlotte.

The yarn looks more pink but it is a rusty red color.  Just gorgeous.  I have to block this yet so you will be able to see the pattern more clearly after I do that.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend, I know I did!


  1. Sherri- Those costumes are just adorable! Don't you love babies at Halloween?

    That piece you are working on is gorgeous!!!! I absolutely love the pattern-it is delicate and beautiful. xo Diana

  2. Such adorable cuddly little boys - you must have such fun with them, costumes or not!!

    That 'Morticia Shawl' is beautiful Sherri - you do such amazing work.

    I bought small eggplants this weekend too - so much nicer than those huge ones which are often too bitter. Your dish looks yummy.

    Yes, my weekend was wonderful too even though that big birthday actually arrived after all the waiting. 70 is not so bad after all - I don't feel a day older right now, haha!

    Hugs - happy week,
    Mary X

  3. Beautiful litte visitors !! I like your shawl. It's pretty color, too. xoxo,Susie

  4. Love the pics! They boys are so cute! And that shawl is beautiful!

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  6. Great costumes on adorable boys!

    Love me some eggplant...any way at all.

  7. Cuuuuute! I love those costumes. And my husband loves eggplants. He'd be in heaven at your table.

  8. One of my favorite dishes-- although I've never made it myself!! Yours looks yummy.

    I can't believe how big your grand baby is getting-- he is a doll!

    Your shawl is beautiful- the pattern looks so delicate. Love the color!!


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