Thursday, July 23, 2015

Today is my 56th Birthday!!

Today I turned 56!  Where did the time go?  It just seems like yesterday I was 25 or even 30.  I love my life now though!  I have a loving husband (John) of almost 36 yrs., my children are all grown, I have 2 fun and loving grandsons, I house I love, gardens, books, etc.  As I reflected on my life as I drove to work this morning, I realize I have a pretty darn good life!!  I'm not going to say there were some bumps in the road (some were mountains) but for the most part everything has been good.

Yesterday, Megan my oldest daughter and I went to the new Tangiers Outlets.  Well we went to Kate Spade, Coach and Michael Kors looking for a new purse for me.  She ended up with one and I ended up with 3!!  Yes, that is right 3!!  When the prices are as good as they were yesterday, you take full advantage.  I got 2 coach bags and 1 Michael Kors.  Megan got a Coach bag.  We then proceeded to get 3 shirts for my son-in-law, Ken for his birthday (his is Sunday) and 2 shirts for hubby just because.

I had to work all day today but tonight we are going to Ruth Chris Steak House here in Charlotte.  We are going with Megan and Ken.  It is restaurant week here in Charlotte.  Megan made reservations a long time ago so we would be sure to have seats. 

My co-worker, Linda gave me a beautiful shell pink miniature rose and a really cute card.  She is a sweetheart!  Linda, Teresa and I went out for lunch and the company paid for it!  We went to Portofino's.  I had my fav Chicken Francese!  I will need a diet for sure after this birthday!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day, I know I have :)!!


Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

Happy Birthday! I am a couple of years older than you and I agree, that time flies! Enjoy your dinner at Ruth Chris!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Happy Birthday (again), Sherry! What a wonderful celebration of your special day. Perfect, if you ask me. Here's to wishing you many, many more.
Hugs from FL,
Donna and Tag

Mary said...

Dear Sherri, so happy that you celebrated this special birthday - aren't they all - with family and friends doing fun things. They come around quickly now but we embrace each one and are thankful for the good things life has brought. Happy you are happy my dear - and although a wee bit late, a very Happy Birthday and many, many more.

Hugs - Mary

Kay said...

Happy Birthday, Sherri!!! It sounds like you truly had a terrific celebration. And by the way, you're still a youngster.

Ring of Kerry, Ireland
My husband, John and I went to Ireland for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2004. We had an awesome trip and we will never forget it. We actually got to visit our friends who live in Northern Ireland. We spent 3 wonderful days with them! The picture above was taken when we visited The Ring of Kerry. The beauty of Ireland is just spectacular! If you ever get a chance visit there.
Megan is my oldest daughter. She and Ken were married on April 12, 2008. It was a wonderful ceremony and reception!
Jenny and Kevin at their wedding 8/30/08. The wedding was at our home and turned out wonderful! Everyone had such a good time!