Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday, 4.29.17 Butler's Pantry to Tea Bar

Well almost everyone who knows me, knows I am allergic to coffee.  That's right no coffee for me!  I do love to smell coffee but to drink it, it just isn't pretty and I'm going to leave it at that LOL!!  I have been thinking about taking our Butler's Pantry that is between the kitchen and the dining room and turning it into a tea bar.  John doesn't drink coffee either, we are definitely tea drinkers.  Well here is what the Butler's Pantry looked like before I worked my magic:

Now after working my magic, here is the new McDermitt Tea Bar open for business:

I have a pottery piece from Seagrove, NC that I cherish and have in my tea bar also.  I had it in the Butler's Pantry too.  I just love the imprinted flowers and ferns and the colors of the glazes.  Blue and Green are my favorite colors!!

I also took a Printer's Drawer like this:

I then took some of my very large stash of Young Living Essential Oils and did this:

After I worked all this magic before 7:30  in the a.m. (Thought I could sleep late but couldn't) I made myself a wonderful cup of Raspberry Vanilla loose tea and then went outside to see my roses.  This is what greeted me:

What a beautiful way to start my morning and the weekend!  Mother Nature and God are truly amazing!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Whilst I do enjoy a cup of coffee I'm a real tea drinker. I didn't realise how much I drank till I've been off work.

    Victoria x

  2. I am the opposite- I can't drink tea--the tannic acid gets me and the herbal teas just are NOt good in my system. However, I really love your tea bar. I think it is perfect. Happy Sunday to you -enjoy those roses! xo Diana


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