Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday, 04.23.17

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I had a wonderful Saturday and a relaxing Sunday!  Just a warning this is going to be a long post!  I took tons of photos yesterday.  We started out our Saturday going to breakfast with Ken and Megan.  Then the 4 of us headed up to Cabarrus County to an herb festival!  I could have spend every last dime I had on plants LOL!!!  It was a gardener's paradise for sure!  I forgot to take photos there but I did take photos of the herbs I bought after I planted them at home. 

This is the container I bought at the herb festival-there are about 4 different kinds of lettuce growing in it!

I bought parsley and thyme too!  I planted them together in this nice decorative clay pot I had.

After the herb festival, John and I went to Jenny's to take care of their bunny rabbit, Mr. Fox and their chickens.  Those girls sure did lay alot of eggs-Yummy!!!

After we went to Jenny's, we went to Pike's Nursery.  It's a good thing I don't work there because I wouldn't come home with a paycheck at all!!  LOL!!   I truly could spend every last dime on flowers and plants!!  Here are some lovely plants I bought or that I took photos of while I was there.

This was a Jean Marie Rhodie.  I want to get this next year for our backyard!

I bought 2 Boston ferns for the front porch.

This beautiful coleus came home with me and I added dusty miller with it in the planter.  I love the color combo!

This was a beautiful display at Pike's Nursery.  Downton Abbey has a rose collection and this one was of  Pretty Lady rose.  I also love this cross they have in the middle of the collection.  Just a beautiful vignette!!

Downton Abbey Pretty Lady Rose

I bought this red verbena for a hanging basket on the back porch.

Pike's Nursery always gives you a gift for shopping with them.  Yesterday they were giving 150 ladybugs away.  Last night I released them onto my rose bushes out front.  I hope they colonize and stick around!

We planted this beautiful Zebra Grass in the backyard yesterday.  We have a manhole cover that sticks up about 1 ft  and we want to cover that.  I think this grass will do that!!
After our hard work we had some iced tea on the patio.  I looked up and saw these two jet streams in the beautiful blue sky and just had to take a photo.  Just gorgeous!

Emma decided she was going to love on John for a bit too!

We rewarded ourselves with a sirloin steak from one of my Dad's grass fed steer.  It was so tender and so good!
We got butter and sugar fresh corn at the veggie stand too.  Soooooo good!!

Our first caprese salad of the season.  I had bought the basil at the herb festival.  It was so good to have fresh basil again!

Here is the steak and we had mashed potatoes too!
My hostas have come  out and are looking beautiful in all their glory!

These leaves are huge and puckered.  They are so colorful!

My Margaret rose is blooming so beautiful this year.  There are tons of buds and flowers and the smell is so intoxicating.

This is a cluster of moss rose buds in my front garden.  You can definitely see why they get there name moss ross. Each bud have moss like growth around each bud.  This rose has many, many tiny thorns.

Moss rose blossom

The front garden looks so beautiful and is really growing!

My potting bench really got alot of use yesterday!  So glad we built this last year!

I love clay pots and crocks.  They look so nice on my potting bench.

My little clay pot holds my twine and flower tags.
My Pink Knock-out Rose was sprinkled with water drops..  Looks so pretty along the patio.
My purple iris is blooming so beautiful.  I picked this blossom because I knew it was going to rain today.  Good thing I did because the rains have been torrential at times.

Closeup of this beautiful purple iris.
We decided to end our day outside sitting on the front porch.  The sky just filled up with these little clouds.

What a peaceful way to end our day outside.
Today, due to the rain I have stayed inside and just rested and relaxed.  The only time we went out was to take care of Jenny's rabbit and chickens.  It was a much needed rest day!


  1. So many gorgeous plants and delicious looking food! I wouldn't make any money working there either. It's too tempting.

  2. So many beautiful photographs. We have an herb fair around here, too. I haven't been to it in years, but now you are getting me thinking that I should go! -Jenn

  3. It sounds like you had the perfect day! Love all of the plants and herbs you bought.

  4. Look how beautiful all your plants and plantings look. I love visiting flower shows and gardens of all sorts.
    I have decided there are two places I could never work- Barnes & Noble and a garden/nursery. I would be adding to my paycheck to pay for my purchases there. lol
    Great photos, Sherri. Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  5. Thanks everyone!! After such a wonderful day on Saturday it has rained every day since. I think it is finally over now! Let the warmth and sunshine come back to our little piece of earth!!


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