Saturday, May 12, 2018

Breakfast out, Pike's Nursery, Grandkids and Daughter Visit, LulaRoe Open House, Flowers

The title of this post really says how my day went today so far!  It is really hot here!  At one point the car said it was 97!!  The sun is shining brightly and some of my flowers in the garden are wilting a little.  Tonight I will be watering my garden for sure! 

This morning started out with John taking me out to breakfast at Metro Dinner in Matthews, NC.  Then he took me to Pike's Nursery to buy some plants and we were looking for a new birdbath.  The squirrels jumped up on my old one and pulled the top of the birdbath down and cracked it and took a chunk out of it :(!  Those squirrels are my nemesis for sure in my garden and yard!  Here are some snapshots of my Pike's Nursery visit:

Bright red Hibiscus

I never saw a double madevilla vine but they had this one.  Very pretty and I love the color!

Red Hibiscus with dark red almost black center.

Beautiful bright yellow Hibiscus.

Pike's had some beautiful Hibiscus on sale but I already have a double peachy orange one I bought 2 years ago from them and that is all the Hibiscus I need.  I bring it in the house in the winter and it is getting so huge I will have to trim it for sure this Fall!

Then Owen, Jack and Jenny came over.  Jenny had asked me to go to a LulaRoe Open House with her.  I had never been to one.  I bought 2 tops and a skirt that can also be a dress!  Very pretty!

After Jenny and the boys left, I went outside and gathered more rose petals to make some more rose potpourri.  This is a banner year for my roses, so I have been making rose potpourri.  I put a little pottery dish with some of it in there and it smells just like a bouquet of roses.  So lovely!!  Here are some pics of it:

A basket full of freshly gathered rose petals from my garden.

All the rose petals drying on paper towels, the house smells so good!  I have an antique rose that the scent is just heavenly!!
Here is the end results-lovely rose potpourri in the wood bowls my Dad made for me.  I love these bowls that he made for me, even more since he is no longer alive.  They are treasures for sure!!

I would like to wish all you Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day!  You don't have to have children to be a Mom.  If you just make a difference in someone's life or if your "mother" someone then that is all takes to be a Mom!  Don't forget those furbabies either!!  Happy Mother's Day and make time to smell the roses!!


  1. My best friend has just brought a new home and we're spending a lot of time in garden centres at the moment - they're such an uplifting place to spend a few hours.

    Victoria x

  2. Oh wow! That’s wonderful! I love the smell of roses.

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