Friday, August 14, 2020

Trip to NJ

 Well I just got back from a trip to NJ.  My Mom decided to sell the family house during the pandemic!  She did get a buyer and I had to go up with my youngest daughter, Jenny and the 2 grandboys to help get things divided up and packed up.  We did a really good job I think!  We stayed at my sister, Sandy's house.  We also got to celebrate my niece, Devyn's birthday, see my new great niece, Bradley and visit with just the family this time.  We were very cautious because of COVID.  I wanted to see my friends but with COVID I thought it would be better not to.  When I was at my sisters house, I felt like I was at a spa.  She has a pool with a gorgeous view, a hot tub, a tiki bar and just a really relaxing place to hang out!  Here are so photos of Sandy and my brother-in-law, Dan's place.

Jenny, the boys and I really didn't want to leave!  Who would!  


  1. Sherri, such a lovely property - and the views are stunning. Must have been great to take a dip there after all the work at your mom's place. I hope she is well - sad to sell the family home, but often necessary as we age.
    Do you ever wish to move back to Jersey? You seem to have many family members there.
    NC seems to be having such a weird summer, so much heavy rain, so very hot and humid, an earthquake, a hurricane (and maybe more coming), tornados - I think I could move back north to New England at this point! Bob is from NH and we do love the coastal areas up there where the winters are not so hard to manage, especially Portsmouth, one of our favorite towns!

    Nice to dream - and plenty of time to do it these days!

    Stay well and be safe - Mary

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  3. Hi Mary! I thought about moving back to NJ for a quick second, but my daughters and grandboys are here. I don't want to be that far from them. When John was alive, I told him I would love to move to Maine, I love that state! John went to College in NH-St. Anselms in Manchester, NH. I can see why you might want to move to Portsmouth-such a pretty place!

  4. It's amazing that she was able to get a buyer at this very difficult COVID time. Your sister must be a millionaire. That pool and view is just spectacular!

  5. Your sis's house is no less than a resort! Glad that you could enjoy your time during lockdown. Regards, Naomi Dreams