Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Christmas Has Arrived at My House 12.01.2021

 Hi Everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I certainly did!  My daughters, their husbands and 2 grandsons came here.  We all had a great time!

The day after Thanksgiving, I started to decorate for Christmas.  It took a few hours to put Thanksgiving decorations away.  Then out came the Christmas tree!  I thought I would put it in the living room in front of the French doors leading to the screened in porch.  That didn’t work, tree was too big.  So I moved my blue and white chair and put it in the corner of the front of the living room.  It looks beautiful looking at the house from the outside at night!  So glad I put it there.  

I have so many beautiful, old ornaments.  My Mom gave me a glass candy that was on her tree as a child.  She sold the family house in 2020 and that is when she gave it to me.  I always loved it!

Moving into a new house makes it fun decorating the different rooms.  I must say I went into a panic though.  I couldn’t find my stained glass tree topper I made over 25 years ago.  I searched through every bin, but one had alluded me in the attic.  It was in there all the time safe and sound!

I also set up my nativity scene.  I placed my bible on a bed of greenery.  I received this bible when I was in 3rd grade.  I turned the pages to the book IG Matthew (the Christmas story) and I clipped a feathered dove to it.  My Nana displayed her bible the same way near her nativity for all her married life.

It is funny how we remember certain things as a child and the carry through to our adult lives.  My Mom also had given me the nativity manger that we had at our home.  I put that in the den.

I decorated a little at the front of the house.  I’m waiting for 3 more candles for the windows to arrive, then my front of the house decorating will be complete!

This is a little dark to see but I put a wreath and garland around and on the door.

I added the garland after this photo.  I wanted to put lights in the garland, but there isn’t an outlet out front on the exterior.

I will leave you with some photos of ornaments that are meaningful to me.  I hope you are having as much fun decorating as I am!



  1. Love this and your memories…mine have gone to my children…when helping the Florida ones decorate, it filled me with joy to see some of those on the tree…esp my son’s first two ornaments from 1970 and 1971…love love your blog…perhaps after the holidays write about your life with husband and children…

    1. Thanks Brenda. My husband passed away. My children live near me (1 in Scranton, SC and the other in Georgetown, SC).

    2. Knew people in Scranton…taught with them…

  2. What fun. I love everything. Especially the nativity with the Bible. Beautiful job.

    1. Diana, thank you! I love to set up that nativity scene with the Bible. It isn't Christmas until I do that. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Your home looks beautiful decorated for Christmas!

  4. Happy December, Sherri. What fun to decorate your new home. Everything looks so pretty and I love how you placed your tree in the corner with two sets of windows. That must be so pretty from inside and outside too. Glad you found your pretty tree topper.

  5. I am really glad my tree didn't fit in my first choice place. It does look so pretty from the inside and the outside. All my neighbors have told me they love it. I am really glad I found the tree topper also! I would be heartbroken if that was gone!

  6. Your tree looks absolutely perfect there. I love your tree topper. You are definitely ready for the holidays.


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