Friday, September 26, 2008

All of Charlotte has been promised gas today!

We shall see if the Governor had any pull in having more trucks deliver gas to our area. People can't come to work, go to the grocery store, etc. Some schools have even been affected. Today alot of gas trucks are being sent to Charlotte and by tomorrow they say it should all be over. I think people will hoard gas for quite some time after this. I don't think one day of deliveries is going to make this go away, but I hope so! Atleast the Interstate was deserted this morning. The one good thing that came out of this is alot more people took public transportation and have decided they will continue that route. There isn't any bus service or light rail line even near my house or work or I would have taken it. Keep your fingers crossed everyone that Charlotte does get gasoline today!


  1. We were able to get gas here in Atlanta this morning. Yesterday, Dom and I were out and didn't see a single gas station that was open. Hopefully, this crisis is about over.

  2. Keep in mind that the Governor created a lot of this mess with his anti-price gouging. I know someone who works in a service station. He told me they shut the station down because they could not make profit margins on the gasoline due to limitations on what they could charge.

    Your whole post is accurate. Where is the National Media Attention on this story?

  3. La scene, I guess the gas crisis here has nothing to do with John McCain or Barack Obama that's why it is getting national media attention! It seems to be hush, hush pretty much.


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