Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feeling much better today!

I didn't go into work again today because I still had a fever this morning but it broke around 1:00. The Realtor Showing Desk called and asked if the house could be shown between 11-1 and then just when I was in the middle of making a pan of ziti for tomorrow night they called and they wanted to show it between 3-5 to the same person. I never say no, so I hurriedly made the rest of the ziti lit a spice candle, packed Teddy and my book up and took off for 2 hours. John has his office in the house so he had to leave too. If he's in the middle of a phone call or something important he stays but this time he wasn't. Teddy and I in my car and John in his car drove over to a group of stores called The Fountains. They always have plenty of parking away from the stores so we camped there for a bit. John had to leave at 4:15 for a closing so Teddy and I continued camping out by ourselves. I read my book for a bit but then I guess Teddy got bored so he started taking his paw and tapping me on the back. He then jumped from the back seat to the front and continued poking his nose in my side and whacking my hand with his paw. Needless to say I stopped reading and paid attention to him! He's such a love! Haven't heard anything from our realtor as to whether they were putting in an offer, if these people are serious, if they have a house to sell, etc., etc. We'll see.


Lynne said...

I'm glad you're feeling better now.

Hope the agent has some good news for you!

Joyce said...

It must be a bit frustrating to have to get up and camp out while people poke through your home - especially when you are not feeling the greatest - but that is the thing to do when trying to sell your home. I hope an offer comes through for you. It's good that they came back a second time. You made such an inviting home for them to see!!

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