Monday, December 8, 2008

Tonight John and I decorated the Tree!

John and I decorated our tree tonight. We got all the ornaments on the tree and the stained glass angel I made for the top many years ago. I have yet to put all the icicles on-some people call it rain. I put one strand at a time on and John just doesn't have the patience for that. He lets me do that all by myself. I love it because the light catches every shimmer of silver and it looks like it is winking at everyone!!

I finally found the Santa my grandfather gave me when I was 1 yr. old. That would have been Christmas of 1960! There is a price written on the bottom of $.69. It would be more than that today! I treasure this piece and always put it on the mantel. Every time I look at it, which is every day a few times a day I think of Papa. Merry Christmas Papa!!

Well I am exhausted and will bidding everyone goodnight! Talk to y'all tomorrow!


Lynne said...

Your tree looks so pretty. The angel is beautiful!

I have an angel that Shelby made for me when she was about 3. It's made from paper plates. I use it every year!

Hope you're feeling better.

Laura said...

What a neat treasure to still have!

And the tree looks beautiful.

Kay said...

Beautiful tree, Sherri. I can see a lot of patience, love and care went into decorating it. It's huge, too! Wow! I used to put the tinsels on carefully, too but then my son loved to throw them at the tree and let it fall where they may. It became a "game" between us. When we moved to Hawaii, I sent him all the tinsel for his tree.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Love your little Santa...he is sooo jollly and cute. cherry

The Rose Room said...

Dear Sherri

Heartfelt thanks for the lovely kind words of support and sympathy during my step-father's illness and passing.

It is of so much comfort to know there are 'friends' all over the world who care.

p.s. your tree is gorgeous and I hope you are feeling better!

Mary said...

Sherri, the Santa is adorable. How special to still have it!

Is tinsel the same as icicles or rain? That's what I grew up calling it. My Mom always had it on the tree. I'm with John - I don't want to deal with it, lol. So we don't put it on our tree.

Sherri said...

Mary-tinsel is icicles or rain. I know it is alot of work but I love the look.

Vickie said...

Lovely tree and how wonderful to have something from your childhood memories to decorate in your house. I wish I still had some of our decorations, especially the ones my sister I made. We were an Air Force family and did a big pitch each time we moved. The holiday decorations were part of that at one or another. I have made a conscious effort to not to do the same with Lady K's creative works. = )

Rue said...

Hi Sherri :)

I called my grandpa Papa too! What a sweet thing to have :)

I can't wait to see the finished tree!

Have a great night,

Brenda Colleen Leyland said...

What a fun evening for you! And what a treasure to still have the Santa your 'Papa' gave you so long ago.

And when all the decorating is done, do you like to sit in the dark and watch the lights on the tree? I do!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Your tree is gorgeous Sherri and Santa is too cute!

Vintage Tea said...

Fabulous tree and your Santa is so cute and wondeful treasure to have.

Victoria x

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