Thursday, January 15, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Hi Everyone! I couldn't believe I hadn't posted since Monday and here it is Thursday! I have had an extremely busy week at work and chilling out with John at night. He only has to work tonight from 5-9:30. That isn't very long. Best Buy has cut everyone's hours and the part-timers only get about 4-4 1/2 hours a week now. It is a sign of the times. Tonight I am taking time for me and having dinner with a friend. She is a former co-worker of mine. She usually cancels but today she has kept her promise of dinner, which I'm glad. When I get home I have to make a pan of ziti for the guy I work with. His wife is the one who has lung cancer and he has 3 little children. I made one a few weeks ago and he is having trouble getting the meals, bathing the 3 kids and getting them to bed in a timely fashion. His wife is in the hospital taking an experimental drug all week. I told him I would make another batch of ziti for him and the kids and he was very thankful. It is a hard time for them all right now and the last thing he needs to think about is food/cooking! I hope everyone is staying warm with all this horrendous cold weather. Today it is pretty chilly here but not as bad as other parts of the country. Tomorrow morning is suppose to be 13 degrees here-now that is cold for Charlotte,NC!! I'm glad it is Friday so I can wear jeans and a nice warm sweater! I hope all of you have a wonderful afternoon and evening!


  1. How sweet of you to help out your friend in need. I will be praying for them. I hope you have fun with your other friend tonight- keep warm! It's getting down to 6 degrees here tonight! Lori

  2. Sherri, I can relate to the busy, busy! My week's been that way too.

    Question - what's ziti? I could google it, but then it's more fun asking you!

    Enjoy your chilling out evening!

  3. That's wonderful that you're able to help out your friend. I know that home cooked meals are especially appreciated at times like these. I can really empathize with you having to deal with this string of cold weather. Brrrr! It went up to 20 for a few hours here in Chicago and we thought that was wonderfully warmer.

  4. Sherri, it's hard to believe January is passing before our eyes :). I'm sorry to hear about your co-workers wife, how wonderful you are to help them out, just some simple things like a meal is such a blessing. My prayers are with them.


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