Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today was our first Open House with our New Realtor!

Today was the Open House with our new realtor. She said about 6 couples came through, which on a day like today I was really surprised that many came out. It is cold and gray here. She said the one couple (the wife) didn't like the vaulted ceiling in the Great Room but loved the rest of the house, but all the others really liked it. One of the couples was our neighbor-they are thinking of selling their house and I guess they wanted to see what they were up against. He said he can't compete with ours. Now I don't think he is going to put his on the market, I feel sorry for them but that helps us if they don't.

Our realtor took us in the houses across the street and they don't compare to ours either. They mixed different decorating styles within the same house, neither one has screened porches and the biggest thing of all is they are inside lots and pie shaped, which are very small and no privacy. The one house looks out at 8 other homes in different angles! I feel better now.

The right buyer will come along for our house one day! Right at the moment I'm not in any hurry.


  1. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, Sherri. My daughter and her husband are having a most miserable time trying to sell their condo in the south loop and their condo is absolutely beautiful... if you don't mind the train outside.

  2. Kay, I hope your daughter and SIL get a buyer soon! I have faith the house will sell, it's just this market. It will take some time.

  3. You have a lovely home. I'm sure a buyer will come along. It really complicates the process when our economy is frightening so many people.

  4. I am praying for the sale of your home, it's so beautiful! :)


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