Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today's Walk around the Yard

Our Camellia Bush is really blooming it's little heart out in the backyard! If you look beyond the camellia bush, you will see a wrought iron artwork in the yard. John and Jenny took a blacksmithing course (decorative blacksmithing not horseshoeing blacksmithing) and for our anniversary he made me this beautiful piece with leaves attached to it. In the middle of the piece of art is a gigantic brass cog from a piece of machinery. They cut through the cog and if you tap the cog with a piece of metal it works like a gong! It is one of the most thoughtful things (even though he is usually very thoughtful in his gift giving) John has ever given me for our anniversary. The class ended up on the day of our anniversary too. It is a gift I will always treasure!

This was an abandoned birdnest left in a tree in our backyard. I never even knew there was little birds there!

My parsley is growing back. It was obliterated last summer and early Fall by the catepillars. The ivy is doing well also.

This is an unusual picture I know. We cut our banana tree down when the frost hit it. I never really looked at the inside of the trunk until today. Look at all the cell like formations and channels that were down in there! I bet they all hold water for the banana tree!

These are the flowers that John sent to me at my office on Wednesday. I was so surprised! He said that was the effect he wanted. What a great guy!!

That's it for the yard tour this week. I noticed my tree peony is started to bud up already. My lemon balm is already florishing and it's only January! This winter has been really mild so far. That's what I love about living here. My Mom called today and said it is snowing really hard in NW NJ where she and my 2 sisters and their families live. They can have it!! Enjoy the stroll!


  1. Dang I thought for a horrified moment that was a coiled rattlesnake!! Really freaked me out Sherri! LOL

    And you grass is still green?!

  2. What a lovely visit and walk around your gardens! I love the ironwork your DH created for you. That is just so sweet!

    I nominated you for the Lemonade Award. Yours is always such a bright spot when I visit your blog.

  3. Sarah, I'm so sorry I scared you! I haven't seen any rattlesnakes (and don't care to) since we moved here. I had a run in with a black racer snake and a little copperhead that was hiding in the pinestraw while I was gardening. Our grass is still green and some of our trees never lost their leaves.

    Vickie, thank you fo the Lemonade Award-you are sweet!

  4. What a nice walkabout of your garden... interesting pic of the banana tree remains (like Brit'Gal -- at first I thought it was a snake).

    And those flowers from your hubby...I love the color combo.

  5. The pic of the banana tree insides is so cool! Who knew?!! And the flowers from John are just beautiful. What a great guy!

  6. Nice Sherri! The Banana tre did throw me for a loop! :)

  7. Banana tree...that's very interesting! You are blessed to have such lovely things growing Mz Sherri but I don't care for the heat and humidity down there in the summer :). Thanks for the lovely walkabout :)


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