Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a wonderful Farmer's Market!

Our friends from our neighborhood called Friday night and asked us to go with them to the Farmer's Market in Matthews, NC, which is about 15-20 mins. from our house. Then we would have breakfast afterwards. We got picked up at 7:30 and headed on over to the market. What a wonderful, lively place! It was jumping when we got there and what wonderful delights there were! This is all locally grown produce, cheeses, meat, eggs, veggies, fruit, soaps, baskets, etc.! I bought some new potatoes and summer yellow summer squash. DH found a homemade chocolate vendor, so he just had to have some double dipped brownie bites for later. My friend had been on a garden tour in Hillsborough, NC about 2 hrs. from our homes and heard about the Market and that Herb Day was yesterday. I love herbs and was so happy she thought of me! The Charlotte Herb Guild was there and they were making lavendar wands and tussie mussies! My friend bought one of each and their cookbook. After we move, I am going to look into joining this Guild. I really miss talking to herb gardeners and just plain gardeners. No one in my neighborhood, except my friend gardens and even she isn't really into it like I am. Her yard does look great this year though. I told her I would give her some things from my garden before we move and she is so excited! She asked me if she could have one of my Japanese Ferns because she had never seen them until I had them. I am giving her one of my biggest ones and she's going to divide it up into 3 different plants. I'm also giving her some of my hosta plants. Today John and I will be busy in the garden digging up the plants we are taking with us. Yesterday we packed from about 9:15 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. We got so much done but have more to go!

Here are some pictures from yesterdays market:

Here are some of the Charlotte Herb Guild ladies making the tussie mussies for customers. They were so beautiful, I'm glad they are keeping this art alive!

The strawberries are so wonderful this year! I thought they wouldn't be because of all the rain, but as you can see they are wonderful!

The radishes this year are just great! I had to click this pic! I love radishes!

The Market even had a Quintet there for our listening pleasure.

I can't wait to go back again, but I won't be able to go until after we have moved-just too much to do!


Kay said...

This is so terrific, Sherri! I love it. Aren't tussie mussies what Regency women used to wear on their wrists or something like that? How fabulous to see them. I used to love to split my hostas and spread them around my yard and share them with friends. You've awakened so many lovely memories this Sunday. Thanks so much.

Roses and Lilacs said...

What a nice market. Ours will just begin opening next weekend. Looking forward to visiting a few.

Anonymous said...

A search on Charlotte Herb Guild brought me to your blog. Wondering if you had success in becoming a member with them? I have an older friend who is trying to also become a member there.

As for your Farmer's Market post - What wonderful photos of the Matthews Farmers Market! It truly makes me yearn for the 2010 spring-to-be. As a Charlotte resident, I usually go the the Regional FM but it lacks the "destination" panache offered by the one in Matthews. Many thanks for the reminder of the gem that the Matthews Farmers Market has come to be.

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