Monday, June 1, 2009

Here are all the plants John and I dug up on Sunday to move!

Yesterday John and I spent the entire afternoon digging up plants to take to our new home on the 12th! It was alot of work but I couldn't leave all my "babies" behind. The coralbells were my Nana's. Those 3 little plants have been moved 7 times and I will move them whenever and where ever I move. We moved all sorts of plants and I tried to make then in container gardens for the little fenced courtyard at the townhouse. All the plants will fit I'm sure and if not I'll make them!! I have a few plans for the courtyard all sketched out-I want to make a little haven out there. I hope I can coax the birds to visit!

This daylily is one of my favorites! It's called Lake Norman Sunset. When I first bought this daylily 15 yrs. ago from a grower in North Carolina (at the time I was living in NJ) I didn't know that one day I would live only 45 mins. from Lake Norman!! The sunsets there are absolutely gorgeous-they look just like the colors in the daylily!

This collection has some hostas, hellebores and phlox in it.

This hosta is absolutely gorgeous this year and just couldn't be left behind.

I put my treasured blue hosta in with my little tiny ornamental grass. I think it makes a great combo.

I could not leave my tree peony behind or my beloved lavendar plant.

I put the coralbells from my grandmother in this container. I will be protecting them very carefully.

This is my lovely double flower red camellia. I just had to bring it with me. I have just the spot in the courtyard and hopefully it will love it as much as I think it will.

We will be renting the townhouse for atleast 2 years and I couldn't be without my flowers. At first I was going to leave some behind, but then I started digging and potting and I decided the more the merrier!!


Gingabelle said...


Your plants look so beautiful & healthy; I'm glad you're taking them with you.

Ginny BTFs

Kay said...

Oh yes, YES! Absolutely bring them with you. I love hostas and many plants are like pets to me. We nurture and love them and they are a part of our lives. I'm looking forward to seeing what your new garden looks like. That's a gorgeous day lily and a double camelia. Wow!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I agree, one of my friends did the same thing. She moves the pots around to showcase the ones that are blooming and her patio always looks fresh and beautiful. Love the colors in your daylily.

Nan said...

It's going to be oh, so beautiful, Sherri! When we moved from my childhood home to here 28 years ago, we actually dug up trees and bushes and brought them! They are huge now.

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