Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sick yesterday but feeling much better today!

I was under the weather yesterday but feeling so much better today. I think I had a 24-hour virus or something. Today I had to go over to the old house at 10:00 and let a realtor in that didn't have a lock box card. Why our realtor couldn't do it, I'll never know! Then I proceeded to Off Broadway Shoes and bought 3 prs. of shoes for under $70.00! They had great sales! I bought a black sandal for work, which is oh so comfy, then a white pr. (DKNY) for casual, and a brown sandal for work and casual! I made out really well. We can wear sandals here in Charlotte almost through November if the weather stays warm.

I then headed over to Michaels. I was looking for sheet copper to make earrings and I found it there! I also found out I can emboss this copper sheeting. It isn't the thin, flimsy kind even though they had that for cards and what not. It is medium thickness and it will be great for earrings. I'm going to put them on if they come out really good. I bought copper wire, headpins and copper jumprings to make them with. I posted a picture below to show you my goodies!

When I was there I also found this wonderful book for oil painting-well I do acrylic and watercolor. I am going to use the book to do my acrylics anyway-it is basically the same technique! I just love birds and flowers so this book was calling to me! I'll let you know if the painting come out too! I would like to start some more painting and possibly sell them on too!

John is working again today, but I think he only has 1 or 2 more Sundays at Best Buy and then he is done with working on Sundays. He told them he wanted the off from now on. Of course, the schedule was already made up so he has to wait until the new schedule comes out. I hope he gets that job this week or next and then he can leave Best Buy all together!

Everyone have a lovely evening!


Florence and Mary said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better Sherri.

I can't wait to see the earrings you're making,

Victoria xx

Catherine Holman said...

I love Sherry Nelson. I'm sure you will enjoy painting her birds! Good luck to your hubby!

Mary said...

Glad you feel better, Sherri. Don't you just love shoe sales?!! I'm sending positive thoughts for your hubby!

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