Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday's Garden Stroll

Hi Everyone! I'm getting here a little late, but it is still Saturday! Today I saw my first rose of the season popped out. I love this rose. About 5 yrs. ago I bought it from Antique Rose Emporium through their catalog and every year it is just wonderful! I have decided to take you on a tour of the plants in my courtyard and a few inside my house. I hope you enjoy it!

I have a lovely moss rose bush called William Lobb that I also bought from Antique Rose Emporium. Here are some buds that hopefully will open tomorrow or the next day. See all the "moss" on the stems-you can definitely tell where these rosebushes got their name from!

This hot pink dianthus is in a container in my courtyard. I thought it looked so beautiful today and the color is just amazing!

My hosta plants have just exploded! They are gorgeous! Here are a few pics of them:

Now we continue down the path in the courtyard and here are some more flowers:

The red snapdragons are doing really well in my pottery container this year. They look spicy!!

These are the Coral Bells in my urn that are just blooming away. My Nana gave me these coral bells from one of her plants about 30 years ago! I hope she is looking down from heaven and smiling at the sight of her plants in my garden! When we lived in NJ we had hummingbirds fighting over these little bells, but I haven't seen any here in NC-atleast not yet!

Well my tour now takes you into my house into the living room to be exact. I have a very large Bird of Paradise plant that has been unfurling a new leaf for about 1 month now. Today it decided to start getting down to business and really coming undone!

There are some beautiful colors of green in this leaf. I have really been enjoying this plant. Hopefully it will get a bloom on it too! When it does I will be taking a picture of it to show you.

Last year for Mother's Day Ken and Megan gave me a beautiful orchid. Now I have never been able to get any orchids I have bought over the years to rebloom until now! I was pleasantly surprised about 3 weeks ago with 3 little buds forming on the orchid. Two of the three have opened and here they are!

Thanks for joining me on my plant tour today! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Lovely plants! You have inspired me to shop for some plants at Home Depot when we return from Hong Kong next month. Thanks for the tour.

  2. SHerri- Your flowers are STUNNING! I am partial to the lovely pink rose at the beginning- perfection! Lori

  3. When I saw these gorgeous roses and flowers, I needed to check and see where you were from ( now I understand).

    We are in the low 50's and no where near rose season yet...LOL

    gorgeous though

  4. Love the roses pics, Sherri - and the rest of the pics. Just lovely!

  5. The flowers and plants are absolutely beautiful! I am so envious. I just love flowers. It's too bad we have such a short season here.

    By the way, your blog looks great. I love your header.


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