Friday, May 21, 2010

Day One of my NJ trip

Hi Everyone! I finally got all my NJ trip pictures downloaded from my camera. I will share Day One with you.

Why are they always working on the roads in Pennsylvania and NJ? Well here they are working on the roads in Warren County, NJ.

I love this Christmas tree farm in Warren County, NJ. Everyone thinks NJ is like Newark or Jersey City, well where I grew up it looked like this!

There are some beautiful old barns in both Warren and Sussex County, NJ. Here are a few Megan and I passed.

Sussex County has alot of really rich soil, so the farming is great! This field is all plowed and ready to go!

Megan and I knew we only had about 30 mins. to go to get to my parents house once we hit the Welcome to Sussex County sign! YAY-12 hours in the car was definitely long enough!!

We were greeted by the lovely cows in this field! The grass is so green and lush. What a beautiful sight to behold!

Here is Mom and Dad's driveway! It was so good to be driving up to the house-we had enough of the car!

This is what you see when you look down the lower part of Mom and Dad's driveway.

This is a small section of Mom and Dad's backyard. Wouldn't you like to wake up to this every day! We would eat breakfast and look out at this!

This was another view of Mom and Dad's backyard. You can see part of my Mom's flower garden. Not much was blooming because it has been so cold up there.

Well that is it for now. Tomorrow I'll post the pics of my Dad's infamous Fordson Tractor and a little town called Lafayette, NJ. Hope you enjoyed the first day!


Mary said...

Sherri, if you hadn't labeled these pics as NJ I would've sworn they were WI. Very similar rural landscapes. And we have road construction all the time - even in winter. Nice pics!

Catherine Holman said...

What a beautiful place! Don't you just love the peace and quiet of the country?

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Your parents have such a lovely place. That yard is so pretty. Love & blessings from NC!

Darlene said...

How gorgeous. I love the barns especially the first one. Your parents look like they live in a very beautiful and relaxing place. Thanks so much for sharing all of these pictures. That's one thing I love about your blog- all the amazing pics you take!

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