Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Living Room Transformation and a visit from a little outside friend!

Today I put some more touches on the Living Room. The only thing I'm waiting for is the Pottery Barn wicker chair from Megan. I had them stored at her house and now I can finally use them again! I am really pleased with the way the Living Room has shaped up-it is so much lighter and bigger! The two guys that bought our wall unit and armchair sent me an e-mail and they got everything to their house all right. Everything worked out for everyone! I went outside this morning with Teddy into the courtyard to water the plants and we had a little surprise-you will have to scroll down to see what it was!!

This was the side of the room with the fireplace before the transformation.


This is the fireplace side of the room all done. Teddy decided he needed to be in this picture-what a pretty boy he is!

Here is the items on the right side of the mantel.

Here are the items on the left side of the mantel.

This is the shaker style end table I had in the garage. I put the orchid Megan and Ken gave me for Mother's Day last year on it, the lovely oval smooth rock from Maine, my huge glass bowl of my beach glass collection and a stick lamp I already had with some books and my blueberry pottery coaster from Maine. I think it looks perfect!

Here was the other side of the room across from the fireplace before.


This is a closeup of the TV cabinet my Dad made for me. He has Lupus and at the time wasn't doing to well, but now he is in remission. He was really upset this piece was being stored in my garage and I was too, but now we don't have to worry because it is in the Living Room and looking beautiful!

My flash was acting up on my camera so this picture is a little dark, but it is so nice and bright now with the blue pillows on the couch, lighter rug and lighter furniture.

I stole these soft blue pillows from my bedroom-I think they are the perfect color blue-very beachy/ocean looking!


Fernado, my little tree frog friend!

When we lived in our other house we had a little tree frog that I named Fernando. He would come and sit on the house, the gutter drain pipe or my plants every time I was out and about in the yard. He has iridescent gold around his eyes, toes, hips and lips. We actually had quite a few of these little creatures around our house and the would suction themselves to our window sidelights on either side of our front door every night and "serenade us" with their lovely little song. I was sad when I moved because I enjoyed the little frogs while I worked out in the garden or while I was watering my plants on the patio. This morning I went out into the courtyard to water my plants and there Fernando was clinging for dear life to the garden hose! Hey maybe the 2 owls that used to come and "talk" to me while I was on the screened in porch reading will find me too-LOL!!

Here are two more pictures of Fernando, the frog!


Anonymous said...

Good job! Your room does look bigger and brighter. I love the cabinet that your dad made. He is very talented!

Sherri said...

Thanks Gigi!! I was so surprised at the transformation of the room-we love it!!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Your living room does look so much bigger and brighter. I love how everything turned out. What a sweet little frog. I was afraid you were going to have a picture of a snake. Two of my blog friends have posted about snakes this weekend. Yuk! Love & blessings from NC!

Vickie said...

You have such a creative talent! You've worked a lovely updo.

Diane said...

You take the best photos; I love the way the white fireplace molding just pops.

I immediately noticed the orchid. I have lousy luck with those. What is your secret?

Sherri said...

Diane-no secret with the orchid. This is the very first one I've got to bloom again. I think it is just the right conditions in this room!

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Sherri, it looks great. Makes me think of a sea-side cottage. Very relaxing and perfect for curling up with a good book :)

Kay said...

Wow! Now that is fabulous! What a gorgeous transformation. You are a great interior decorator.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Oh I think it looks wonderful Sherri and the TV cabinet is fabulous.

I think tree frogs are just adorable and so interesting, but I don't think we get them here.

Now, can you tell me the colour of your living room walls, I would love it in mine?

Roses and Lilacs said...

Sherri, you house looks perfect. It always takes a while, but you got it just right. Love the blue.

What a cute little visitor.

Donna said...

Sherri, your transformation looks fabulous! I love the lightness of it all and the sea shell decorations. Great job!

Fernando is adorable.


Nan said...

I LOVE the changes you made!

Florence and Mary said...

It looks fantastic!

Victoria x

Joyce's Journey said...

Hi Sherri! Your living room looks beautiful, bright, airy, much more spacious! I love the look! Can't quite say the same about Fernando, but . . . to each his own, right?

mysteryhistorymom said...

Fernando is tooooo precious! We had a little tree frog that hitched a ride with us on the way home from the beach! Jeff had no idea until he started driving!:) We had to stop and find a safe home for him.:) Lori

LOVE your living room! Gorgeous!!! Lori

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