Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lovely Day at the World-Wide Knit-in With Jenny!

The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Gastonia, NC was hosting a World-wide Knit-in today. It was from 12-4 today. Jenny came with me and we had an awesome time! We met lovely people, found out about alternative yarn, learned about Debbie Macomber having yarn produced under her name which will be for sale very shortly and saw some lovely flowers in the garden today. We also found time to have a late lunch at TG Fridays! When we got home I made 4 prs. of earrings for Jenny (she brought the supplies and I made them for her). We had an absolutely wonderful day even though it was so blasted hot and humid here!

Here are some pictures of our day (I can't believe I forgot to take some pics of people actually knitting!):

I love this picture of Jenny in the orchid conservatory.

There is a special program going on at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden called Come and Sit a Spell. There are benches made from all kinds of things all around the gardens. Jenny decided to sit on the bench made from Red Heart Cedar.

Some kids never grow up-LOL! Jenny decided she just had to run through this fountain! It cooled her off for a little bit-the heat and humidity was brutal today!

Brilliant red canna lilies were growing along the walkway.

I named this walkway Daylily Row-they were absolutely beautiful!

They have papayrus growing all along the waterway. I don't know why but it looked exceptional beautiful today! I told Jenny papayrus looks like Thing 1 and Things 2's hair in the Cat in the Hat!

This is a different variety of coneflower. It looked like a pink explosion but it was so beautiful!

Here is a yellow coneflower. I thought this was a very strange black-eyed Susan until I read the tag. They are a very cheerful plant! They make you smile when you look at them!

I just had to post a rose picture-they are so gorgeous!

We were getting ready to leave the Gardens and we took an outside path I had never taken before and I'm so glad we did. When we turned the corner, this was there! The plant piano!!

This is a dove on a statue that I have taken pictures of before. The light was hitting the dove just right so I decided to snap this picture.

That's the end of the tour! I had a wonderful, wonderful day! Thanks Jenny-you are definitely a special light in my life, love you!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Sherri- What a lovely day! I can tell that you and Jenny had the best time! I wish I knew how to knit... Well, I would have enjoyed it just the same!:) Lori

Roses and Lilacs said...

What a pretty place to spend the day.

Florence and Mary said...

I couldn't think of anywhere better to get on with some knitting.

Victoria xx

Darlene said...

Sherri, it looks like you had a fantastic day - what great pictures! I love the plant piano. I had to do a double take on that one - it's fantastic!

Frosted Trash said...

Sherri, great pictures of the gardens! It certainly doesn't look as hot as it probably was :)

Mary said...

What a great day for you and Jenny!

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