Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today was much better!

Hi Everyone! Today at work was much better, calmer and actually quiet. I was busy, busy, busy but most of the guys were not there and alot of the subcontractors were subcontracting and leaving me alone! I hope tomorrow is just as nice.

I just went over to Borders (Borders is right across the street from where I live) and I bought The Beekeeper's Apprentice for my mystery bookclub on 7/7. I don't know anything about it and I hope it is a good one. I was going to pick it up on my way home tomorrow night but then I saw a coupon for 25% off and it ended tonight. I hopped in the car and away I went!! It is very, very tempting for me to have a bookstore right across the street. I have been oh so good this year so far though!

Everyone have a lovely evening and thanks for all the lovely posts yesterday! You all are the greatest!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

So glad today was better, dear friend.:) Borders across the street??!! Oh my goodness, that is too tempting! I get 30% my purchases since I am a home schooler. It is such a wonderful perk! Love Borders! Let me know if you like the book... Lori

Sherri said...

Lori-it is so tempting all the time! It's a good thing I don't get 30% off all the time-LOL!

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