Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful Sunday Walk

Today John and I took a walk around the townhouse complex we live in. It was cool and breezy but I needed some outside time. Even though it was cool there were so many beautiful things blooming and growing. The sky was such a beautiful Carolina Blue! Here are some of things we saw on our walk:

We have 2 beautiful pink camellias growing by our front door. I posted pictures of them before, but I had to post a few more!

This is such a gorgeous Camellia. I love the buds but this full open one is just gorgeous! They look as if they are made of tissue paper!

This little bud was just starting to open.

We have a rain garden in the center of the complex and these red berries were so brilliant in the sun.

There are several paper bark birch trees in the rain garden. I just love the trunks on them!

This is the last of the beautiful red roses the HOA has planted around here. This is just a gorgeous red (the colors in all my photos have been untouched).

We have pine trees that line the back driveways and I couldn't resist the pinecone in the pine boughs. This would make a great Christmas card!

Some pretty trees in the center rain garden and the lovely blue sky again!

We have alot of winter pansies all around the complex. I just love these little blue pansies, so cheerful!

I don't know what variety grasses these are, I just call them pink fountain grass. I love to see this shocking pink color especially when the sun hits them-just gorgeous!

All the ornamental grasses were waving in the breezes today. They are so gracefully.

This picture came out a little blurry, but I posted it anyway because if you look closely there is a lady bug on one of the ornamental grasses! She was just swaying in the breeze.

Well I hope you liked taking my walk with me. There is so much beautiful out there and I'm so glad I did go out (even with my cold) to just soak up some sunshine and see all of nature's beauty!


  1. What beautiful landscaping! I think lady bugs are suppose to be good luck!

  2. Penny, they are! I hope I have some-LOL!

  3. Your area is really gorgeous and I appreciated you taking me with you on your walk. Hope your cold gets better soon.

  4. The flowers are so pretty. We have ornamental grasses but our flowers are finished for now - until spring. I'm looking forward to getting the pine boughs, etc for the holidays.
    Glad you were able to get out for a bit. Hope your cold is gone soon.

  5. I couldn't see that ladybug at first, but once I saw her, how did I miss her?! These are great photo's. What a beautiful area!

  6. Oh my goodness, your photos are fantastic. I especially love the flower photos of the camelias, roses and pansies. You really captured such beauty.

  7. Beautiful photos. I love the pinecone!