Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Sixth Surrender by Hana Samek Norton

I had the privilege of reviewing this book for Feed Blitz. Here is a little bit about the book and the author:

The Sixth Surrender is a transporting debut novel set in thirteenth century France—a time when chivalry reigned and treachery ruled.

In the last years of her eventful life, queen-duchess Aliénor of Aquitaine launches a deadly dynastic chess game to safeguard the crowns of Normandy and England for John Plantagenet, her last surviving son.

To that end, Aliénor coerces into matrimony two pawns;Juliana de Charnais, a plain and pious novice determined to regain her inheritance, and Gueérin de Lasalle, a cynical, war-worn mercenary equally resolved to renounce his.

The womanizing Lasalle and the plain and pious Juliana are perfectly matched for battle not love, until spies and assassins conspire to reverse their romantic fortunes.

Populated by spirited and intelligent women and executed in flawless period detail, The Sixth Surrender is a compelling love story that heralds the arrival of a major new talent in historical fiction.

About the Author

Hana Samek Norton was born and raised in the (now) Czech Republic where she first learned the difference between a halberd and a hauberk. She currently lives in New Mexico with her husband.

My Review:

"The Sixth Surrender" was a very detailed historical novel. Set during the last years of Alienor of Aquitaine. This novel starts with an unconventional marriage between two people who were so different from each other. Juliana wanted to take back her ancestral home of Tillieres and the only way she could do that is if she got married so her husband can hold the property. Guerin de Lasalle , a mercenary was forced into marrying her and the only reason he agreed to marry Juliana was so he could own the property. He refused to consummate the marriage and wanted to have the marriage annulled.

The plot is multi-layers. It makes you want to read more to find out how it ended. The characters were believable. I think if you love detailed historical fiction this is the book and author for you.


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  2. I had to delete the other because I was watching TV while I typed and messed up. I said that sounds like a really good book and I may need to look for it. That was a good review.

  3. I wish I had some time to read. I love historical fiction and this sounds like a whole lot of fun. Thank you for sharing it. I hope it had a happy ending. :-)

  4. OOh sounds like a good book!

    Have a great weekend,

    Victoria xx

  5. That sounds like a really good book. I will have to add it to my TBR list.
    Good review Sherri.