Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Table Setting and Wedding Jewelry

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with friends and family! Now the Christmas holiday season begins! I spent most of yesterday decorating the house for Christmas. I was so excited my silver mercury glass mantel came out just as I envisioned! Photos to follow. I only need to add 2 white candles to the anchor candle holders and it will be complete. I need some greenery for my Dining Room table centerpiece and then that will all be done too! I set my nativity up on the console table in the front hall and this year I have decided not to put the Dept. 56 Dickens Village up. I used vintage Santas and "sugar" houses on the sideboard instead. We have decided to have a live tree this year and we'll be buy and setting that up next weekend. Overall yesterday was a really productive day and alot of fun! Hubby helped me get all the boxes out of the attic. We had a great day together :)!

For our Thanksgiving table setting this year I decided to use my green depression glass. Here is a picture of the table all set waiting for us!

Right before Thanksgiving (literally the day before) I had alot of jewelry to create for a wedding. Here are a few of the pieces (sorry some of the pictures are a little dark, my flash on my camera was acting up):

This was all of the jewelry I had to create for the Bride the day before Thanksgiving.

These are the bracelets. I needed to make 4 three-stranded bracelets. 2 were the same (she had 2 maid of honors) and then I had to make 2 other ones that were the same for the other bridesmaids.

Here is a closeup of those bracelets.

The groom's children were in the wedding, so there were 2 bracelets for those 2 little girls and then the small cream one was for the flower girl.

Here are the earrings I made. There were 4 prs. of earrings with the 4 pearls, 1 with 3 pearls and 1 with 2 pearls.

I made everything in about 4 hours and while I was stressed out trying to do Thanksgiving cooking and making this jewelry it all got done on time!


  1. Sherri- Your mantle is absolutely fabulous - I love the look of the mercury and crystal - it is stunning!

    Guess what - I have the same exact dining room chairs that you do!! (we have great taste don't we!) Your Thanksgiving table looked so lovely with your green depression glass - one of my favorites!

    Your jewelry making is exquisite - you did a wonderful job with those creations - I just know the bride and her ladies wee thrilled!

    Good work Sherri!


  2. Love the way that green glass looks on the table. I use to set up all my Dickens Dept 56 pieces, now I only do white candles in the windows and a wreath --no tree nothing. I'm a holiday scrooge.

  3. I love the table setting. My mother loved glass plates and when we were clearing out her home my son dropped all her glass dishes and of course they broke. We were going to donate them but still somebody lost out on some beautiful things. Your table made me think of her. Thank you. Do you ever do any post type earrings as I can't do the dangle very well? Mainly interested in the starfish. Take care and have a great weekend.

  4. Sherri, everything looks so nice and I cannot believe you did Thanksgiving and made jewelry..girl you rock! :)
    Thanks for the lovely comment on our sweet pea..she is just precious! They spent Thanksgving at our house and it was absolutely perfect...couldn't have asked for a better day! :0)
    PS Have a GREAT weekend!

  5. Lovely bracelets and earrings and I really like the table setting! :-)

  6. Sherri, your decorations are looking so beautiful. Love the mercury glass! And your Thanksgiving table is so pretty too. You did a great job on the jewelry. I really like the 3 stranded bracelets. The colors are so pretty. Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving holiday. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. Sherri-Your Thanksgiving table was beautiful. I love the green depression glass. The jewelry is absolutely gorgeous. You're an amazing lady to pull that off so quickly and they look so beautiful. I hope that the bride appreciated your efforts.

  8. Gorgeous!! The Bride is blessed that you are so accomodating and talented.

    I love the place settings for Thanksgiving, too. The divided greenware is lovely. I need to add that to my collection.

  9. Hi Sherri~~your Thanksgiving table is beautiful! And so is the jewelry you made.
    I am loving the mercury glass look this year too.
    Anxious to see your mantle.
    Your header is stunning.

  10. You are a wonder women for sure! The jewelry is so pretty -- what a lucky bride!

  11. I am extremely impressed! Everything is so classy and gorgeous. What a lucky bride and attendants.

  12. The table setting is just beautiful Sherri although I never expect any less from you. You always amaze me with all you manage to get done - dinner and making the jewelry - which is absolutely gorgeous. I can just imagine how beautiful it will look on the bride.

  13. Hi Sherri, nice to meet a local blogging friend. I do not believe I have been here before. I know there are a few other gals out here too. I found you from all that glitters blogspot. Your mantel looks great....I am in the process of doing mine and am a bit challenged this year. Come and take a visit, I also have a giveaway going on

  14. Pardon the blurb, I meant to say the inspiration you showed with the mantel looks great. I just bought a few pieces of mercury glass as well. It is so pretty, I bought two different colors.

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