Friday, April 1, 2011

Patios of all Kinds!

I have always loved patios. I think every house we have owned has had some kind of patio. I just love to sit at the picnic table under the umbrella and read, knit or just daydream! The new house we will be moving to has a paver patio. Our last house had a lovely stamped concrete patio with a brick wall and fireplace-loved that house!! I went on the site and here are some patios they had on there:

I can just see myself and all of my friends on this patio sipping tea and talking about gardening!

This gorgeous patio with the outdoor kitchen is to die for!! Some day I would love to have an outdoor kitchen. Daydreaming again-LOL!

I thought this little courtyard patio was just lovely. The fountain bubbling in the background must be wonderful!

This is a different style of patio-raised up from the ground with beautiful stonework!

This patio is stunning!! The stone, fireplace and placement of everything is so beautiful!!

A garden party would be lovely here.

This patio has a lovely mosaic inlay wall behind it. This looks so relaxing, I would want to lay down on those benches and read or take a nap!

This patio area screams old world or Tuscany style to me. Quite beautiful and I love the fireplace!!

I could look at patio and garden designs all day! Tomorrow I plan on having some iced tea out on our small patio, in between packing up our house for the 4/29 move! Enjoy!


  1. Your move date is really coming up'm so excited you found a house you like. We have a deck here but with any luck Don & sons will enclose it to make a family/grandkids room and be done by the time you move. It will increase our 300 sq ft to 500 sq ft...I can hardly control

  2. The 5th one down with the flagstone and outdoor kitchen is nice! But I also love the 1st covered patio and all the hanging ferns. You are right- so perfect for sipping tea with friends. :-)

  3. We love patios so much, it's one of the first things we build or have poured when we move to a new house. We have three in the back garden and a sort of one on the front of the house.

  4. Such lovely inspiration.....I am looking forward to the completion of our pergola/patio area this spring.

    I know you will create a wonderful place in your new home to enjoy.

  5. This is a post to dream with... sigh...

  6. Oh my, I wish I had something like this - would be lovely! :-)

  7. All of these photos are wonderful, I can imagine myself in any one of them. I would love to have an outdoor fireplace :)


  8. The Tuscany style patio is fabulous! I have lovely memories of peering out of my bedroom windows at my parents home looking out onto the patio!

    Victoria xx

  9. oh how we love that first! We're with you - dreaming of patios and porches means summer is not far off!!

  10. Lovely patios. I like them all.
    It's going to be a great day for patio sitting today. I'm hoping to do just that after I finish the yardwork.

  11. I'm a patio fan the outdoors! Good luck with your move at the end of the month.


  12. I love them all. I too love to gather on a patio with good friends and just share some laughs. Heaven! I have a screened porch that I truly enjoy. Of course right now it is covered with pollen. I'm not even going to try and clean it up until the end of the month.
    Happy packing!
    xx, shell

  13. I adore patios and would take any of those. We don't have a nice patio - our backyard needs some serious work with new sidewalks, etc. Maybe someday...

  14. I’m definitely in love with the patio with the marble floor! It’s all too enticing and I would love to have one at home. The one with the old world style is also my favorite.

    Terence Watthens

  15. I can’t blame you for loving patios for it is really a great addition to every home. Aside from it increases aesthetics of one’s property, it is also a good place for relaxation and entertaining guest! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! By the way, these are great inspiration particularly for people who’s considering to build their own. Anyway, how’s your Folly Beach vacation? I hope you and your husband had a great time. :)

    Kylee Groves


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