Sunday, April 3, 2011

Plants in the Garden this Sunday.

Today the weather in Charlotte finally turned nice again! The sun was out and the air was wonderfully warm. I met a friend of mine at Starbucks and we drank our Chai tea outside while we were knitting. What a wonderful day! After I got home I took a short stroll around the courtyard and my plants have grown so much in a week even though it was cold here!! The one morning when I woke up it was 32 degrees! I thought I lived up North again-LOL!

I promised I would show you my tree peony when it opened. Well here it is even though we had alot of wind Friday and yesterday so it is a bit windswept. I love the beautiful magenta color with the golden yellow center!

I love the "puckering" on the leaves of this hosta. I'm not sure whether this hosta is called Avocado or Guacamole.

My Astilbe is really looking wonderful. Pretty soon those lovely red flowers will be sending up the spikes.

All 3 containers I have of lamb's ears are doing great!

The chartreuse green of this creeping jenny plant is stunning! I have to add some plants to this urn with creeping jenny after we move.

The lemon balm is almost ready for me to make Lemon Tea Bread with it. I love that recipe!

Well that is it for this week. Hope you enjoyed this little Sunday stroll!


  1. My hostas are still hiding and my roses have so many leaves that I really hope we don't get any more snow here. I need to stop cooking so much and get out and take some photos. Take care Sherri.

  2. Oh my goodness - your garden looks so green and wonderful, mine is just dirt and dead grass so far... It will change soon though and I look forward to that! :-)

  3. Your garden looks wonderful. Love the blossom of the peony tree!

  4. Your garden looks so healthy and pretty. The peony tree is especially lovely. I spent part of yesterday thinning out my lemon balm which was spreading like wildfire. Have you posted the lemon balm bread recipe? It sounds like one I need to try.

  5. The peonies are such a beautiful color! I live vicariously through all your flower and garden pics since I still have snow. lol.

  6. Wow! Your tree peonies are really spectacular. They looks so huge! I love the color.


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