Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Idol Winner will be picked tonight!

I very rarely watch a show like American Idol, but for the past few years I have been. I almost stopped watching it because of Simon's bad behavior, but I gave it another chance this year. I wasn't disappointed at all! I think it will be really hard tonight when they (America) picks the winner because I like both Lauren and Scotty. I cannot believe that these kids are only 16 and 17 yrs. old!! I love both of their voices but alas there can be only 1 American Idol winner.

I'm rooting for Lauren myself, even though I love both of them! We will see......


julie - eab designs said...

I watched this year as well and will be torn as to who wins. But both of them are sure to have great careers. My husband still can't get over the voice that comes out of Scotty. I'll be watching tonight!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I really wanted James, but between Scotty and Lauren, I thought for sure she would win. Shows what I know.

Florence and Mary said...

I've been tuning into American Idol this year and like you like both the finalists. It's nice that they're young adults and their taste of music is different from the mainstream.

Victoria xx

Donnie said...

It was a very good season on American Idol and makes me proud to see such wonderful young people. Love your new place. Take care.

Kay said...

I haven't watched American Idol at all this year and I don't know why. I did watch a couple of seasons but things now keep getting in the way. They seem so young to be competing is such a stressful venue.

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