Friday, May 13, 2011

I love sunrooms!

When we moved to Charlotte in 2004 our first house had a sunroom. I painted it a fern green and decorated it with wicker Pottery Barn chairs with ottomans. I love to sip tea in that room or read a book. There was a fireplace in there too so on not so warm days you could take the chill off by having a fire in the fireplace. Then we moved to the townhouse 2 yrs. ago and there wasn't a sunroom. I really missed a nice intimate quiet room to go to. Now we have moved back to a house and while it isn't called a sunroom (the previous owners called it a formal living room) I call it my sunroom! I have the Pottery Barn wicker chairs and ottomans in there, my conservatory, a sofa table from Maine in the front window and I've put pictures in there that remind me of the outdoors. I came across the sunroom picture above on I love it. Maybe I can add some things like they have in the picture to make it cozier in my sunroom!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!!


Rhondi said...

Hi SHerri
I love a sunroom too! I am thinking of turning my office/studio back into a sunroom/sitting room again. Hope you have nice weekend too. Have you been to Amelie's Bakery? We should go there sometime!
Hugs, Rhondi

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

I love sunrooms too Sherri and your furniture certainly lends itself to a beautiful sunroom. I'm crazy about Pottery Barn.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I have never had a sun room, but always wanted one. The one from PB looks perfect!

Lindy said...

That IS a pretty picture. I'm helping my mom with her sunroom in a couple of weeks. Tons of windows -- what I wouldn't give!

Kay said...

I'd love to have a sunroom here in Hawaii with big open windows and a ceiling fan, please.

Heather at Dusty Bay said...

I have a sunroom and just love it! I put a day bed in there and cut down the legs a bit so people out on the road couldn't see me laying there soaking up the sun!

vicki said...

Oh Sherri- your "sunroom" is absolutely beautiful- that would be my favorite room in the house! You have decorated it beautifully. I'm so jealous!!

jenclair said...

Love this sunroom! So cheerful!

Cedrick Finly said...

I love the theme of your sunroom. It's bright and refreshing to the eyes. I'm sure you would have a nice and relaxing time whenever you are in your sunroom!

Cedrick Finly

Anonymous said...

I also love sunrooms! We have a small one at home. but we make it a point to keep it clean and beautiful. The best thing about it is the wide garden view outside which is just so relaxing.

Terence Watthens

Angelina Garcia said...

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