Friday, July 8, 2011

I love a Beautiful Straw Chapeau!

I have always loved straw hats-Beach Hats, fashion hats, glamorous hats really any kind of straw hat! There is something about a beautifully, crafted straw hat that is just so exciting!! I decided to look on google and I found some really wonderful straw hats.
I would love to wear this gorgeous hat with such a gorgeous blue ribbon to the Beach

This group of straw hats are great beach hats! I love the pastel colored ribbons.

Elizabeth Taylor looked stunning in this huge straw hat!

Scarlett O'Hara wore this to the BBQ to win over Ashley.

This stunning black and white picture of Marilyn Monroe in the oversized white straw hat is really gorgeous!

Audrey Hepburn looks really beautiful in this straw hat.

Kate Winslet strikes a stunning pose in this hat. They don't make hats like this anymore.

Kiera Knightly wore this lovely hat in The Duchess. Just beautiful!

Here are a few more beautiful straw hats to savor:


Mary said...

I love this post, Sherri. I can't wear most hats because my head is not the average size, lol. I do have a sunhat made by San Diego Hat Co. that fits great and protects from the sun.

Low Tide High Style said...

Such a wonderful post Sherri! Like you, I love a beautiful straw hat and you have gathered a lovely assortment!

Kat :)

Kay said...

My son gave me a beautiful, but plain straw hat a few years ago. I see now that I should embellish it! You've given me some ideas now.

Anonymous said...

You are a girl after my own heart. I so love hats, and wish people wore them more. Straw hats are so classic too. This past weekend was the Prince of Monaco wedding, and a few of the guests wore straw hats. Kind of casual, but then again it is Monaco and they make everything look chic.


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

lovin' all of those wonderful hats sherri! they are fabulous! It's hard to find hats like these anymore...this summer I ended up with a big cloth one...I'll just have to sew a big flower onto it for the same (ok....somewhat!) effect!
We just saw an old decorating book and at the tables they had big straw hats on the back of the was cool....we are keeping that tip in the back of our file - waiting to come across the hats now :)
Have a lovely weekend!!
Karla & Karrie

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