Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vintage Table Linens

The other day I was moving some things around in my dining room hutch and I came across a tablecloth that had been my grandmothers. She used to do crewel embroidery on tablecloths and pillow cases. I still have the pillow case she did for me-it has little deer and flowers on it. I'll have to post that at a later date. That got me thinking about tablecloths from the era when women carefully stitched these beauties for their families and friends. I went to google and found these beauties to share with you:

I just love this tablecloth! Doesn't it just conjure up visions of grandmoms!

This tablecloth is actually stenciled not embroidered. I think it is still really pretty!

I have always loved dogwoods so this one called to me. So much loving work went into this tablecloth.

I really love this alphabet flax cross-stitch tablecloth. I wouldn't mind putting one of those on my table. It would be so fun to play alphabet games with your grandkids while sitting around the table!


Donna said...

Beautiful table linens. My mom and grandmother used to embroider all kinds of linens and things.


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

What pretty tablecloths! I used to have a few embroidered pillow cases and I don't remember what happened to them!

Mary said...

Sherri, these are just delightful - and of course I'd take the lettered one in a heartbeat!

Hope life is going better this week and that you left that pity party early!!

Take care dear, Mary

Sherri said...

Mary, I did leave the pity party :)!

Kay said...

Wow! That took a lot of work to do. It really is all so beautiful and does lift your spirit to look at them.

Florence and Mary said...

What gorgeous table linens... I need to start looking out for more on my travels,

Victoria xx

ask said...

These are absolutely beautiful!!!

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