Monday, October 4, 2021

Monday, October 4, 2021-A Wonderful Autumn Day

 Hi Everyone!  Today is a "do nothing" day for me.  All the renovations are done (except for a few small things), the housewarming party is over (it was this Saturday) and I have nothing that really needs me today!  I really am looking forward to getting back into knitting and reading.  I have a crew of HVAC men here replacing all the ductwork under the house.  I have no AC today or tomorrow.  It is fine though, I have alot of ceiling fans in the house and I have an oscillating fan also.  The nights and early mornings are cooler here.  I really do love this time of year!  I had alot of fun decorating for Autumn.  Here are some photos I took:

Autumn Mantel in the Living Room.

Autumn Mantel in the Family Room.

I have a cupboard in the Dining Room.  I decided to create this little arrangement for there.  The Ironstone pitcher was my Mom's.  She bought it from my Grandmother's landlady for a quarter before I was born!  I am 62.

A little arrangment in the Family Room.

I love pumpkins, so I had to put some on the screened porch.  The white ones looked great with the fiddleleaf fig!

Coffee table arrangment.

I made these concrete pumpkins.  I have 2 others that I painted white and put them on the front porch steps.

All ready for Autumn!

I have a new dahlia blooming.  It is called Haman Gold.  My dahlias are late this year.  It is my fault though, I cut the middle stem too soon.  It had also been so terribly hot and they are not a fan.  Here is the Haman Gold:

Haman Gold

Now that all the house renovations are done, I plan on working on my gardens more.  I have some autumn sedum and a camellia to plant.  I also have an Autumn Clematis, a peony and a tree peony to plant.  I would also like to create a cutting garden and a veggie garden.  I may buy the raised beds for the veggie garden though.  I am going to have one for dahlias next year too!  Next Spring I would like to create a rose garden in a circle out in the front lawn.  I have a circular driveway out front that would look so beautiful with a rose garden.  I am, however, taking some time off after all the work I did.  At the end I was exhausted.  I also look forward to posting more on the blog.  

Off to enjoy the audio book I'm listening too (The Secret Wife by Gil Paul).  Everyone have a lovely day!



  1. Everything looks so lovely, Sherri. You certainly deserve a break and I love the rose garden ideas! Enjoy some time knitting and reading :)

    1. Thanks Mary! I am looking forward to this relaxing time! :)

  2. Fall looks lovely in your ew home. Your plans for gardening sounds great!

    1. Thanks Penny! I have to draw everything out on paper that I want to do. I want to do it once and then just nuture it! :)

  3. Everything looks and sounds perfect around your lovely new home Sherri. Just wish I had your energy lol!
    Hope the HVAC work goes well - what would we do without heat and a/c. Of course years ago they managed and were none the worse off without these modern day wonders - probably it even made them stronger!!!
    Love the concrete pumpkins - they will definitely last forever!

    Enjoy autumn days - they go by far too quickly.
    Hugs - Mary

    1. Thanks Mary! I don't have anymore energy right now. I'm resting and relaxing this week. We never had AC growing up (I lived in northwestern NJ in the country). My parents didn't retrofit the house until well after I was married. I did pretty well yesterday without the AC, I only had to turn on the fans in the early evening. It started getting stuffy downstairs. I found out they didn't have to turn the upstairs AC off because that is a different unit. :)

  4. It all looks so festive and beautiful, Sherri. You have such an artistic eye.