Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Blankets and Flowers

I finished the little girl baby blanket the other day and I took some pictures to show you. Emily Katherine was born on Easter Sunday. What a wonderful gift for her parents. Marcus, the Dad is a co-worker of mine. I'm bringing the blanket in tomorrow for them.

Right before we left for our NJ trip I started a baby blanket for my grandson, Owen. Jenny's due date is July 17th. I can't wait to hold that little baby in my arms and cuddling with him! I love the color combo of his blanket!

When I got home from work today I knew I had to start more packing, but first I had to check out my roses. Here are some pictures of these beauties!

I love my moss rose. The color is so beautiful!

This shell pink rose blooms all season long-I just love it!

This is my favorite hosta by my fountain. The leaves are just so huge this year!

Hope you like the pictures and I thought it would be good to show you the baby blankets so you will know what I have been working on. I might not be on here very much until after we move to our new house on Friday. I'll stop by when I can!

Take time to smell the roses literally :)!!! Enjoy nature and life!


  1. Sherri, both blankets are beautiful! And I love the shell pink rose!!

  2. Sherri- Those blankets are gorgeous! Lucky little angels to snuggle in them.:) Lori

  3. HI Sherri, Those baby blankets are gorgeous!....& so will be that new grandson!!....Such a happy time!...Love, Heidi XO

  4. Your blankets are beautiful! I love to knit baby blankets. Best of luck with your move on Friday. I know you are excited about your new home. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Those baby blankets are going to be treasured forever. I've always loved hostas since it was one plant I couldn't kill easily with my brown thumb. I love the color of the moss roses. Happy spring, Sherri!

  6. Beautiful blankets and roses, Sherri! Hope all goes well with the move.


  7. Those baby blankets are beautiful. I know you are excited about your move. Looking forward to seeing photos.

  8. Beautiful Flowers and Beautiful blankets! What more could you ask for!

    Victoria xx

  9. I love the color of that blanket too! They are so pretty. Your roses look like they are doing great. I need to find some to plant out back.

  10. Those blankets are so beautiful. When I had my children, they both received handmade blankets and I treasured them :)

  11. oh my goodess Sherri, those hosta leaves are wonderful!
    Love that you make baby blankets! I have an aunt that would make a blanket or sweater for the babies in our family - what great heirlooms - 'i've got them packed away for their kiddies some day :)
    ENjoy your day Sherri!

  12. Oh Sherri - the blankets are both just beautiful!!

  13. Sherri, both blankets are just beautiful and so are the roses. Your grandson is going to be here in no time!


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