Tuesday, June 8, 2021

6.8.21 Tuesday Rainy Day

Hi Everyone!

Well we have another rainy day today.  I know we needed rain, but it can stop now.  I just am not motivated today at all.  I did, however, spackle the guest room.  Yesterday I washed the walls down to get the wallpaper paste off and then I primed the walls to seal any remaining paste.  Tomorrow I have to go back to NC for my dentist appointment.  I was in the beginning of having an implant put in when I moved from NC to SC.  I have to have an impression done for the crown and they are going to clean my teeth (get that out of the way).  I will have to make one more trip to NC for the actual crown placement on the implant post.  I will be meeting my friend, Virginia from my old neighborhood for lunch.  I miss chatting with her, so I am really looking forward to the visit!  

My grandboys are done with their homeschooling classes on Friday!  They did so well on their end of the year testing!  My daughter, Jenny is making up Harry Potter baskets for them.  I am knitting the Harry Potter scarves to go with their HP hats I needed last year.  I only have a little done on Jack's scarf-see below:

The scarves shouldn't take too long.  The stitches are just knitting and purling.  Easy peasy!!  They boys certainly don't need them now!  It is so humid here with all this rain.  

I don't have any updated photos for you on the renovations.  Thursday I will paint the guest room, so I'll post that.  My kitchen cabinets and vanities are in and the crew is putting them together.  One step further to having my kitchen back!  The contractor said my LVP is also in for the guest bathroom.  I think the tile should be in soon also.  I really don't mind all the upheaval, I'm used to that having grown up in the construction field, but I really do miss cooking in my kitchen.  I miss having water on the first floor of the house too!  It will all be done before I know it!

Well I'm off to feed the dogs and make dinner.  Everyone have a lovely evening!




Mary (Bookfan) said...

Enjoy your visit with your friend today, Sherri. With all you've been doing lately it's nice to have a break with a friend. Safe travels!

Mary said...

Glad things are moving along with the house Sherri.
You sound very busy - take care of yourself.
Mary -

Ring of Kerry, Ireland
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Jenny and Kevin at their wedding 8/30/08. The wedding was at our home and turned out wonderful! Everyone had such a good time!