Monday, June 14, 2021

Things are moving right along! Monday 6.14.2021

 Hi Everyone!

Well alot of painting has gotten done around here.  All the bedrooms are done now.  The master I did a few weeks ago.  Friday I painted the front bedroom  (this is the room that had the dreaded wallpaper in it that took 1.5 weeks to remove).  I painted it with Valspar paint and it was called Winter in Paris.  I don't know how they make up the names but it sounds and looks pretty!  

Today I painted the back bedroom.  It was also Valspar paint and it is called Ghost Ship.  It looks more gray in the photo, but in person there is more blue in it.  I wanted something very subtle.  I'm happy with it!

This is before.  (I almost forgot to take a photo before I rolled the walls)

This is the after photo.  Like I said you can see more blue in the paint in person.  You can kind of see some more blue in the corner of the room. You can also see it in the Before photo, the blue coloring.  I ordered a Pottery Barn paisley duvet cover and shams to put in that room.  There is blue, green and golds in it.  Should go very nicely!  

I will be taking a 2-day break from painting.  I was almost done with the painting and I went to step down and lost my balance a little and slammed my hip into the door casement!  I'm nursing that along. I also have some other appointments the next few days that would interfere with painting or projects anyway.  

My veggies in the veggie trug are going crazy!  The summer yellow squash, tomato and cucumbers are just exploding!  I have really enjoyed the summer squash many nights last week and this weekend.  Yesterday I grilled a steak, steamed summer squash and I roasted some potatoes on the grill in a foil packet with olive oil and rosemary from my garden and it was wonderful!  (See below)

Veggie trug

I started a garden where there was never one before at this house.  I dug up the sod and got some plants in that I had brought from the other house and ordered from plant suppliers.  To my surprise this little daylily bloomed!  I love the color.

On Saturday I walked around and looked at my plants.  I could not pass up this lovely hydrangea blossom!  Most of mine were blue but this one is purple!  I love it.  I have a really dark purple one I put in when I first moved here in the front garden.  This is lighter but just as beautiful!

Yesterday as I do on ever Sunday is my day of rest!  After working on the house every day, I need a break and boy did I need one on this Sunday!  I watched part of the Westminster Dog Show.  Ginger was so funny, she actually started watching it while Emma just napped on the floor.

Ginger watching the Westminster Dog Show on Sunday!  I think she is thinking, "I'm glad I'm not being shown at that show.  Looks like too much work"!

Well that is about all I have for today!  I hope your day is lovely!



  1. I love your paint color choices and can't wait to see the rooms when you have them outfitted!
    I also watch WKC on Sunday. I was dog sitting Gordon the Westie - my daughter's dog. He watched!

  2. You're painting this on your own? Oh my gosh! That's a ton of work. However, I do love your color choices and it all looks amazing.

  3. Kay, I am doing all the wall painting. I really like to paint rooms and pick out the colors. Thank you for your kind compliments on the color choices.


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