Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Recipe Club interview with the authors

What a very awesome bookclub last night! We were able to talk to the 2 authors through Skype and what fun we had. There was some lukewarm feelings about The Recipe Club. I enjoyed it but did agree the 2 characters in the book got a little tiring. The authors did say there will be a continuation book, it will pick up where this book left off. The authors told us they had this book printed in a specific way. The book when opened lays flat just like a cookbook would do because they had a special binding made to make the book do that. The cover of the book is cloth with gold embossed lettering (this is under the dustjacket). The weight of the book, the feel of the cover and the picture on the cover was all done in special ways to their specifications. They are not sisters and they really enjoy writing together. It made us all appreciate the book more having talked to them! They were really funny! They also said that Recipe Clubs have sprung up all over and some are more like therapy sessions. Some people tell each other about recipes that mean certain things to them and they shed happy or sad tears telling the other people about it! Very interesting! They also encouraged anyone who had a recipe or thoughts about the book to e-mail them, which their contact information is on the dust jacket of the book on the back inside flap. We are probably going to the new Ritz Carlton for our bookclub this month and have a high tea! We are all excited about that!! Our bookclub is so much fun, we do alot of things outside of reading a monthly book.


  1. Sounds like you had a really good book club meeting, Sherri. And how fun to look forward to the next one being high tea at the R/C!

  2. That sounds like a very interesting book club you attend and what fun to be able to talk to the authors themselves

    Victoria xx

  3. Our bookclub is really special! We have a great leader who organizes all our meetings and special events. She is fabulous!

  4. Very good idea from the authors. I wish they made all book binding that way.

  5. It sounds like you have a terrific book club. Our club is doing an author discussion in January, our first. It's with John Shors.

    This book sounds really good, too.

  6. What fun! And how great you could connect with the authors. I'm amazed about the staying open like a cookbook. So cool. On another topic, Sherri, you just left me a comment. I clicked 'publish' before seeing what post it was on, and I simply cannot find it. Could you email me and let me know, please? Sorry to bother you like this.

  7. Hi Sherri

    Thanks for entering the give away on my blog --I have you entered winner will be chosen to night and announced tomorrow. Good luck!

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