Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Decorating all around the House!

Yesterday I spent most of the day decorating for Christmas. I had alot of fun doing it! Since we are in a smaller home I thought I would have alot of challenges but I really didn't! I'll take you on a tour of what I have done so far!

Here is our front door wreath-welcome everyone!

Here is our bannister right as you come in the door. I love garlands and lots of little white lights. John realized half the little lights weren't working so today when we were out he got some replacements. He'll do that during the week. Thanks sweetie!

That now brings us to the little cupboard in the entry hall. I have been collecting a few Santas as you can see! Some are handcarved by a man in NJ. I used to buy them from him when we lived there.

Once inside our front door if you go to the right you would be in our Dining Room. Here is the Dining Room all decorated for the holidays!

Here is a closeup of the Dining Room table arrangement.

This little Waterford crystal angel is part of a set. John and I went to Ireland 5 yrs. ago to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and we brought her and her sister back with us! Every Christmas we put them on the Dining Room table.

When we lived in our Victorian house in NJ I started John on a collection of Dept. 56 New England Village pieces. He loves New England and he went to college there so it was a nice reminder for him. This year I set the New England Village up in our Dining Room.

There are so many pieces to the New England Village I had to continue it on another antique table we have in the Dining Room.

A few years ago John gave me this Willow Tree Nativity. I have other Willow Tree angels too in another room. I have to find the box that has my childhood bible in it. I received my Bible in Sunday School when I was in 3rd Grade and every year I put it with the nativity. I also place a white dove in the greens. That was a tradition my grandmother did every year and I have continued this tradition.

I have collected Dept. 56 Dickens Village pieces for probably for 21 years! I have stopped buying pieces but I put it out every year. I just love it!

I have quite a few Byers Carolers. I put Santa with his Reindeer on the breakfast bar ledge that divides the kitchen cooking area from the breakfast room eating area.
The following pictures are the rest of the Byers Carolers I have, which this year I put on the ledges that divide the kitchen and eating area from the living room.

Here is my 1st stocking! My grandfather bought it for me 50 years ago in Newark, NJ! I treasure this so much.

My grandfather also bought me this ceramic Santa the year I was born. I put this and my first stocking out every year! My grandfather loved Christmas!

This is a special decorative painting plate I bought from a woman named Jane Guthrie. She lived in NJ not far from my house and I went to her studio with a friend (who has now passed away). I had such a good time that day with my friend, it was a wonderful memory for me. I put the plate out every year as a reminder of my friend.

When the girls were little I decided I need a night out to myself. I found out from a friend this woman was giving decorative painting classes in her home. She had a little boy that was very ill and needed the extra money. I signed up for the class and did quite a few pieces which I gave as presents that year for Christmas. I decided to paint on this old sled I bought at a local auction. I haven't been able to paint anything that well again. I had alot of fun, but that year was a special year for me because the lady teaching the class told us on our last class before Christmas that her sons leukemia had gone into remission and it was because of all the prayers all of us had said for him! Miracles do happen!

Here is a closeup of Santa on the sled I painted! I just love the flow of his beard! Wish I could paint like that again!!

This cute little "Peace" pillow says it all! Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards men.


  1. You are simply amazing! Beautiful decorations, beautiful home. Your husband is a lucky guy.

  2. Sherri, your Christmas decor is gorgeous and I love the new blog decor!!

  3. Well, you have totally blown me away, Sherri! You are a very talented artist! Your home should be in a magazine. I just loved looking at it. I had to go back and look at it a couple of times just to enjoy it. Beautiful!

  4. Thanks everyone! I think I'm a frustrated interior designer! Atleast Megan (our oldest) went to college and graduated with an interior design degree. Sometimes I help her with difficult projects-it's fun!

  5. I love your lighted villages! Those are some of my favorite Christmas decorations.

  6. Sherri, your Christmas decor is perfectly festive.

    I love your villages, my brother has been buying them for his wife and this will be the first Christmas she'll be able to display them properly in their new home

    Victoria xx

  7. Beautiful as always, Sherri! You have a great eye and a flair for decorating. I always love to see your decor, inside and out!

  8. Beautiful decorations, Sherri! You have some lovely collections. I love the painting you did on the sled ~ it's wonderful!


  9. Sherri, I so enjoyed this post! I love your Dickens village. I have the Snow Village and just set it up this weekend. I'll have to post some pictures.

    I was born in Newark (51 years ago!), but have spent most of my life in Colorado. However, the east is in my blood and most all of my relatives live there.

    The sled is gorgeous!

  10. Sherri, I love when you do posts like this. Your Christmas decorations are just beautiful. The piece you painted yourself is incredible. I love all the little villages as well. I've always liked them but have no room for them. I bet I'd love to spend a nice relaxing evening at your house just enjoying all the decorations. Beautiful job!

  11. I don't know where to begin in commenting as I feel I have just been treated to a large dose of pretty, inspiring, sentimental and creative Christmas decorating. It all looks great. I think your crystal angel is beautiful and how nice to have it remind you of time spent in Ireland. I also adore your first stocking and Santa from your grandpa. How wonderful to still have them.
    Also, I love how your blog is looking for the upcoming holiday. Can I ask how you got the falling snow? So pretty.

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