Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday's Adventures

Today was a lazy day for John and I. We started out by getting up late, which there is nothing wrong with that when you don't have any plans for Saturday. We decided to have lunch at Showmars just over the border in South Carolina. We got gas for my car while we were in SC (it is usually 10 cents a gallon cheaper than buying it in Charlotte). Then we made our way to the peach orchard. We bought some wonderful peaches so I can make a peach pie and we'll have some left over just to munch on! They were beautiful! Here are a few pictures of them and the orchard:

Here is a closeup view of the peach orchard. This orchard is behind the stand that sold the peaches we bought. Can't get much fresher than that!

Peaches growing on the trees.

This is the whole box of peaches we bought. There definitely should be enough for a pie or two and peaches for snacking on.

This picture really makes my mouth water for peach pie. The peaches were still a little hard so I'm waiting until tomorrow to make my pie. I'll just have to be patient until then! John and I both love peach pie!

We then left there and headed on home. While we were driving we decided to drive home through Pineville, NC. John Wieland is a builder in our area and he started a new neighborhood that has single family homes and townhomes called McCullough. Well John and I fell in love with both the single family homes and the townhomes. All the homes and townhomes were so light and airy inside-just lovely! Here are some pictures of those:

This model is The Chesapeake and it was just gorgeous! Too big for John and I but still gorgeous and beautifully staged!

This is The Donnelly model.

The Foster Model

The Dawson Model

This Townhome was called The Crofton.

All the porches on these homes/townhomes were very deep and there was a cool breeze flowing through all of them. Some of the homes even had ceiling fans and porch swings on them-just really wonderful. Some of the ones we looked at overlooked a beautiful park that had a bandstand style gazebo. Just gorgeous!

When I came home I noticed one of the hostas I have named Avocado had started blooming. I saw the perfect picture of the blossom with the fountain right behind it. I love this picture!

The pink phlox are also still blooming away in the summer sunshine. Here is a picture I snapped of them.

Last week I went shopping (Sunday to be exact). I love roses and Harris Teeter (our grocery store) had roses that were pink in the center and white on the outside. They are still really gorgeous as you can see in the pictures.

Here is the bouquet after almost a week on my kitchen table. I put them in my green depression glass vase and I have my green depression glass candlesticks there too.

I finished the special order of the twisted sterling silver wire bird nest necklace. I really like how the twisted wire looks like real twigs. The client can't wait to receive it. I will take it to her on Tuesday to my Knitting Group.

I guess John was tired from our adventure because he is now napping and snoring away in my one and half chair! Teddy our dog is curled up on the ottoman near him (not an easy fete for a Golden Retriever). Everyone have a great weekend! Enjoy!


mysteryhistorymom said...

What a lovely day! The peaches look so delicious and the necklace is GORGEOUS! You must list one in your shop!! Lori

Diane said...

As always, I have thoroughly enjoyed the photos you posted. Have a great weekend.

Kay said...

Good gracious! These are all such fabulous photos. The peaches look absolutely wonderful. I love your necklace and those roses are just so exquisite. Wow!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully relaxing day! Those fresh picked peaches look DElicious!! I wish I could have a piece of your pie. :)
Thanks for sharing your day with us.
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Hugs ~ Jo

Lindsay-ann said...

I have never seen a peach orcard. I want a peach right now!
Thanks so much for showing those beautiful homes. I would love to live in ANY of them, they are all gorgeous. My favorite is the Foster Model. I love the necklace you made too. It's so pretty.

Susan said...

Can't decide which I like more - those gorgeous peaches or that stunner of a necklace!

Nan said...

I think I like the Donnelly the best. Sort of bungalow-like, wouldn't you say? Ah, peaches. I don't believe I've ever had a good peach in my life. My sense is they are one of those foods that must be eaten where they grow.

Darlene said...

What a wonderful day and now I see where the peaches came from. I really should read the posts from old to new instead of the other way around. lol. You take such fantastic pictures Sherri!

The picture of your flower is gorgeous as are those roses. I've never seen ones like that.

I must have one of those necklaces! lol. It's gorgeous. I love your jewelery. I need to pop over to your shop and take a look around.

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