Monday, July 12, 2010

Rain, Rain Everywhere and Peach Pie

Today started out cloudy and then as the day went on it got darker and darker. I had to go to an Architect's Office for work to pick up some Closeout Binders. While I was there a few big drops of rain splattered my windshield and I thought I could get back to the office before it started raining really hard. The Architect carried the big box of binders out to my car for me-that was very nice! Then I started the drive back to the office. Well all heck let loose and the rain pelted down on my car, then the thunder and lightning started. The wind was blowing the rain on my car so hard I could hardly see. I had to stop for a red light and the thunder was so loud it rocked my car. I turned on the radio and what were they telling me, "Mecklenburg County (that is the county I live and work in) was under a tornado watch!!" Yikes, I drove back to the office very carefully looking around as I drove for a funnel cloud-luckily I never saw any. When I got back to the office one of the guys held the door of the office while I struggled with the huge box and my purse. I was soaked through by the time I went the 20 steps from the car to the office. Chivalry is dead I guess, but atleast he held the door open for me. My shoes were soaked and my over shirt was too. I took my sandals off and put the over shirt over a chair to dry. I made myself a cup of hot tea and proceeded to work until 5. By that time the rain had stopped and my clothes had dried. What an ordeal!! I told John since I had such a horrible afternoon I need this:



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. It was raining cats and dogs here. when I got home my wheaten terrier was crying like crazy (she is afraid of thunder). It was definitely a night for tea for me...and thanks for the photo of the cut pie. Now I want some! :)

Roses and Lilacs said...

It looks wonderful. I stopped for peaches last night but they didn't feel really ripe so I settled for strawberries:)

Donna said...

Wow, it sounds like you got a lot more rain then we did.

That pie looks delicious!!


Florence and Mary said...

Yummmm peach pie!

Victoria xx

Darlene said...

We get a lot of tornado watches or warnings here - they're scary. We just had 2 days of rain here and it finally cleared up today thankfully.

The peach pie looks so yummy. I love fruit pies. I also meant to mention that your header of the bowl of peaches is to die for! It looks great. I always look forward to seeing what your header will be next.

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