Friday, July 2, 2010

New Building with a "Green Roof"

I think most of you know I work for a Commercial Construction company. Well yesterday I went to one of the projects we have been building for the last 9 months. I was particularly interested in this project because the Owner of the building decided he wanted to have a "green" roof. This is done by putting special mats down on the roof, with special light-weight soil and then sedum plants are planted. Rainwater is collected by the sedum, which reduces the amount of water going down off the roof and into the sewer drains. This is also wonderful for water conservation. This has become a very popular type roof in alot of the building in Charlotte where I live. Here are some pictures of the "green" roof that I thought I would share with you. You can also see the skyline of Charlotte in some of the pictures. Enjoy!

This is a closeup of the sedum they used. The bare spots will be filled in once the sedum starts growing and taking hold.

I was able to snap a shot of the Charlotte skyline along with a section of the green roof. That huge building in the center is the new Duke Energy Building.


Florence and Mary said...

Well a green roof certainly looks better!

Victoria x

Roses and Lilacs said...

I good start for introducing conservation into the business world.

Have a great 4th.

Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea said...

Love the idea green roofs, and they look great too!!

Happy 4th!

Donna said...

How great is that!

Have a great weekend, Sherri!


Joyce's Journey said...

That is so neat! Great pictures! I love the Charlotte skyline. What a great city! I need to go there again, but my friends in Gastonia are now moving to the Atlanta suburbs due to a job change. You do live in a great area! Have a wonderful long weekend, Sherri!

Kay said...

I love the concept of a green roof. Your header photo is absolutely awesome. Your whole blog format is awesome! Wow! The colors, everything, awesome!

Karen said...

This is so neat to see. Thanks for sharing!

nannykim said...

Hi, thanks for the stop by at spindle cottage. My computer is down for 1/2 a week so I am using my hubby's notebook. I will not be doing any posts until I get my part in! My oldest son used to work and live in Charlotte. It is an interesting place. He now lives in Seattle, which I love, but he is thinking of moving back here to the South. I love the green on the roof!

Darlene said...

Wow, how cool is that! I love the pic of the skyline.

Marissa said...

those pictures are beautiful...overlooking the city like that! LOVE IT! Found you through Idea Room! Your main blog photo makes me want to sit on that couch, listen to music and fall asleep :)

Lenore Lung said...

This is a great idea! There are lots of choices of roof materials nowadays, and I think this is one roof that must be considered. Green roof is very convenient and healthy not only to the environment but also to us. Thanks for sharing this idea and photos, which by the way has a nice view. >>Lenore Lung @

Ruben Pratt said...

It's really great that you share ideas like this. People need to be acquainted with what these green roofing systems can do for our society and our environment. Your post will simply build awareness, and who knows? It might even inspire other people to install a green roof on their own property as well.

Ruben Pratt @ AR Roofing

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