Monday, March 28, 2011

The Beauty of Bird Nests

I have always been fascinated by bird nests. My Nana taught me at a very young age all about the different kinds of birds and their nests. We would walk around her property and she would find all these lovely bird nests, some occupied and some not. I remember the very first robin nest I found. I was walking around with her and I spied the robin flying along and then disappearing into a tree and then almost as quickly fly out. I told Nana about it and she said well lets have a look. We carefully pulled back the branches of the tree and lo and behold there was a nest with 4 lovely blue eggs in it!! I was so excited I almost toppled the eggs out of the nest! She pulled me aside gently and explained that I should only look at the eggs and enjoy them with my eyes not my hands. It intrigues me how these little birds find bits of mud, hair, straw, grass, etc. and weave these intricate nests-works of art actually! Over the years I have collected abandoned birds nest of all kinds. I am sorry to say they did not fare well when we moved from NJ to NC. Most were destroyed. Once we get settled in our house next month, I will be starting a new collection of them. Hopefully I will be able to share them with my grandson that is due in July when he gets older.

All these pictures I found on

What a beautiful nest tucked in the branches of a tree. This is one of my favorite pictures I found online.

Robin Nest

This is a bluebirds nest with eggs. I love the coloring of their eggs almost as much as a robins.

This is a cardinals nest. How dull colored the eggs are compared to the beautiful coloring the cardinals have. I am sure the eggs are colored this way so they blend into the nest.

This is a painted nest I found online-really pretty!

Just remember if you are going to start a collection of nests, make sure the nests have been abandoned-we wouldn't want to take someones home! Now I sound like my Nana!!


Donnie said...

That was so cute Sherri. I love all the birds nests you found on the net and look forward to seeing yours. Take care.

Mary said...

There's just so much promise in a bird's nest filled with eggs, isn't there? Nice post, Sherri :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Gorgeous Sherri! Bird nests are like sweet little treasures.:) Lori

Kay said...

I was surprised to find that mynah birds have blue eggs just like a robins. These are all beautiful photos.

tinajo said...

I agree - bird nests and these cute little eggs are adorable! :-)

grace kay said...

oh wow i don't think i've ever seen little blue bird's eggs before. awesome!

jenclair said...

Aren't those eggs beautiful? Robin's egg blue...such a lovely color!

vicki said...

Beautiful nest photos Sherri - (you know I love nests!) These photos certainly make me think of spring!


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