Thursday, March 3, 2011

Camellias Everywhere!

This morning when I was leaving for work I looked around our courtyard and saw my camellia ablaze with red color!! Everyone one of the blossoms were blooming away! I love this beautiful, graceful shrub. I remember living up North and travelling to Charleston around this time of year and going to the plantations and just being in awe of all the camellias! Middleton Plantation and Magnolia Plantation had such beautiful gardens with camellias. Now up North it is just too cold to grow these lovely flowers so living here in the South I just had to have atleast one of these lovelies! The one I have is a double red and I posted a picture of one of the blossoms the other day. Camellias just always remind me of the lovely Springs here in the South! Here are some pictures of these gorgeous flowers I found on line:

Shell pink camellias are so delicate and add so much charm and gracefulness to a garden. I have impatiens in my garden every year and I try to pick some in this color. I will also have to add one camellia in this color too!

This white camellia looks like a gardenia! Just gorgeous!

This peachy pink color is one of my favorites! Just stunning!

I am going to have to buy a camellia in this color! Who wouldn't want this burst of color in their yard!!

You don't see too many yellow camellias but this one is gorgeous!

This camellia is so different with the red color streaking through it. It would give any garden a little diversity.

I have a blouse that is the color of this camellia. I really need to look for that and wear it soon-LOL!

Just gorgeous!

I hope you enjoyed the "camellia" tour! I just love this time of year!!


Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Lovely! Hopefully mine blooms this year - I kinda gave it a really good haircut and it didn't bloom last year... it's the pretty pink like your first photo, just gorgeous!

Donna said...

I love them all! One of my most favorite shrubs!


jenclair said...

Breathtaking! Isn't it a pleasure to see such color again after our strange winter?

Donnie said...

I think I'm going to have to plant one of those and hope I don't kill

Ann Nichols said...

Oh how lovely! And how wonderful to have them greet you so early int he season!

Darlene said...

These flowers are all so beautiful but I'm especially jealous of the ones you have blooming in your courtyard.

It's still snowing here...

Kay said...

Wow! WOW! That is just incredible. I love camelias and all those photos are spectacular. It just makes you smile.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Just beautiful. I wish ours lasted longer. The white ones are all finished :(

Doris Franse said...

I love your garden, such an inspiration. That you live in NC makes it even more inspiring for me as a fellow North Carolinian who is learning to garden.

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