Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring has Sprung at our House!

I went outside to water all my plants in the courtyard and guess what y'all, Spring has sprung at our house!!! It has been really warm here and it has made my flowers pop. I just love it!! Come on a little walk with me...

This wisteria is actually my neighbors. It climbs up the fence and comes and visits us and I love it! Just gorgeous!

The fragrance from this wisteria is just awesome! It is a sweet, cinnamon scent to me.

I have about 5 hostas and this one is just unfurling before our eyes!!

This huge bud is on my tree peony. There are some other buds forming too. It is a gorgeous magenta color with a golden center-just beautiful.

This water sprinkled lamb's ears is one of my favorite plants. The leaves are just so soft, just like a little lambs ears!

I planted this dianthus last year in one of my planters. I love the color and the scent!

I bought my annual basil plant a week ago. It has tripled in size already!

Thanks for coming on my little courtyard tour. Enjoy Spring!!


Donnie said...

They are really lovely. I hope you will be able to take some to the new place.

Kay said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous photos! I love the wisteria. I'm sorry you have to leave some of these gorgeous plants behind. You've definitely got spring bursting out in your neck of the country! Yae!

Sherri said...

One good thing about moving is that I put all my plants in containers, so they will all be moving with me-YAY!! The only thing that won't be coming with me is the wisteria.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Gorgeous! We are having signs here, too. My lilac is getting ready to bloom!:) Lori

GardenofDaisies said...

Your plants are all much farther along than anything we have here. Forsythia just bloomed yesterday.
Congratulations on your new house! Can't wait til you get moved in and we get to see pics!

Donna said...

I love wisteria and I love the fragrance. Your plants look great, Sherri!

Happy Spring!

jenclair said...

I love all of these plants. Can't do without basil, either. It is a staple in a couple of recipes. My hostas are just poking out, yours are way ahead. Wisteria, purple clouds of beauty that remind me so much of my grandmother's plants that just climbed the pines and bloomed like crazy.

Mary said...

Amazing isn't it Sherri how a few really warm days changed everything!

Love the wisteria 'visiting' you, it really looks like it's creeping over to say 'look at me, don't I smell delicious!" I see my hostas popping up too and even have buds on the peonies already!

Happy weekend dear.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

oh....does this ever make us happy :) Those hostas are gorgeous! We can't wait til ours come up - ahhhhh.....soon enough! We'll be patient and just see what's blooming in your yard Sherri!

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