Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Flowers at the Botanical Garden

Sunday John and I went to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. It was a lovely sunny day! Here are some Spring lovelies we saw:

Love these sunny yellow Daffodils!

The Orchid Extravaganza was just beautiful and wonderful! This lovely orchid was one of my favorites!

Hellebores are wonderful plants. These mauve ones are my favorites!

These coral colored quince just popped out from amongst the green. Isn't this color gorgeous!!

These white anemones are just gorgeous!!

These ruffled purple pansies were so cute! They always have these lovely little "faces"!

Pink anenomes are so beautiful!

These peach colored orchids were just stunning!

I have always loved begonias. These lovely pink blossoms were just hanging there looking beautiful.

I always felt crocus were one of the first flowers of Spring.

This pink camellia is my favorite photo! I just love camellias.

In the conservatory there was an orchid case and inside that glass case was this absolutely gorgeous orange orchid grouping!

This tropical plant was very unusual.The vivid red and yellow was so rich!

I don't know what this plant is called but it was really beautiful! This vine was just hanging amongst the greenery and it was just gorgeous!

This large urn was filled with these beautiful orchids. Actually there were two huge urns on the way into the orchid conservatory.

I have alot more photos but this is all I'm going to show you. I just love the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden and enjoy every visit there!!


Donnie said...

DJ gets a yearly pass to Daniel Stowe and loves it there. Now I can see why. Beautiful Sherri.

Kay said...

I just saw a blog about the radiation threat in Japan right now and I started panicking and feeling horrible. Your flowers calmed me down so I could think more clearly again. Thank you.

Kathy said...

A while back I visited my cousin who lives in Monroe. It was a girl's trip - my daughters and my neice. We toured downtown Charlotte -I so wanted to visit this botanical garden - I searched several lovely places - NC has some very gorgeous garden spots - hope to have the opportunity again soon!
Thanks for sharing! Love the orchids!
God Bless,

Darlene said...

Gosh, I'd love to visit there! How beautiful! The daffodils are gorgeous as are the orchids - two of my favorites.

Mary said...

Beautiful photos, Sherri. Have a lovely weekend :)

Karena said...

Oh Sherrie what a treat!! I love orchids and all of the flowers are just beautiful!!

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Florence and Mary said...

I must buy myself some daffodils tomorrow now!

Have a great weekend,

Victoria xxx

jenclair said...

Oh, how lovely! Such a wealth of beauty.

By the way, the word verification for this comment is "sings" - :)

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Gorgeous (singing that, by the way!!) The orchids and that ruffled pansy has swept us into spring! Just a bit of green coming up it was soooo good to see these bloomin' beauties!

tinajo said...

Oh how I need some flowers outside soon - it doesn´t seem to happen that soon though...

Have a great saturday! :-)

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