Saturday, August 20, 2016

08/20/16 New Projects, Walk around the Yard and Dinner on the Patio!

Today was a really good day!  Slept in a little.  During the week I get up at 5:30 but today is Saturday so I slept in until 9:00!  It felt so good to sleep late.  After breakfast and watching DIY and HGTV with John he went out to mow the front lawn and I decided to go throw my jewelry and get rid of a few things.  I then went downstairs and started a new knitting project.  Jenny wanted me to knit her a pair of fingerless gloves (called gauntlets) from the Highland Knits book.  These are knitting projects influenced by the TV series Outlander.  She chose a Malabrigio yarn and I love the colors!  See below:

Here is the beginning of the gloves.  I've never made cabled fingerless gloves.  It is pretty easy though :)!

I then decided to take a walk around the yard.  It has been so very dry here so there isn't really many flowers blooming right now.  My swallowtail butterfly was still flitting around the butterfly bush in the backyard.  The butterfly bush has grown to over 6' now!!

My roses are starting to bloom again.  I absolutely love these roses.  Their fragrance is intoxicating!!

My rose of sharon bush that I brough from NJ when we moved to the Charlotte area 13 years ago grew from a little skinny stick to a bush now over 5' tall!!  The flowers and buds are just gorgeous!!

After being inside for most of the day, we decided we would have dinner out of the patio.  It is still hot out but it did feel really good sitting outside.

I love caprese sald with fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella!

Last but not least, when we were eating on the patio, I noticed one of my containers on the patio which I planted Coleus and Dusty Miller.  I love the many colors and the contrast between the coleus and the dusty miller.  I will be planting more of this combo next year! I also had dried some blue hydrangeas this year.  I put them in the entryway of our house.  I put them in a French Flower Holder in a wrought iron stand.  They brighten up the hallway!

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful, enjoyable weekend!!


  1. I love those 'gauntlets'. I have a nice wool pair I bought in Ireland in June ready for the winter, and have really enjoyed a pair of purple velvet ones I bought several years back in Hawaii of all places! It was a funky shop totally unexpected on a tropical island, and they sold amazing clothing and accessories.
    I've not watched Outlander yet - perhaps I should after looking at the knitted items that the actors apparently wear.

    I'm with you on caprese salads - especially whilst the tomatoes and basil are soon good!

    Lovely post Sherri.
    Mary -

  2. Those gauntlets are great! What pretty pictures of that butterfly.

  3. I love the yarn for the gauntlets. Your flowers are gorgeous! Caprese salad is delicious. Looks like you had a lovely weekend!


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