Sunday, August 7, 2016

Moon Vines

I have been enjoying my moon vine so much this summer!  It is blooming so much!!  My Nana used to have a moon vine plant every summer.  She would call me to come down and see it open.  Yes, you can actually watch the plant wiggle and start to spiral open!!  I told my 2 grandsons, Owen and Jack about this and they missed the first few that opened but one night they were here when the whole plant started to shake because there were 3 opening at the same time.  They were fascinated by this!  Here are some photos of the plant opening its beautiful white flowers. 

This is how the bud starts to open.
Here are 2 almost opened all the way.

This day 5 were opening and these were 3 of them.

This blossom is open all the way.  I love the greenish white star in the center!!

This moon vine is fully opened!  Just gorgeous.  It starts to open as it starts to get dark.

This is my grandson, Jack watching the moon vine blossom open.  He was so interested in in this whole process!!  I love his wellies!! 

I will be planting a moon vine plant again next year.  It has been a blast from my past because my Nana would grow these every year.  It also has been wonderful sharing this experience with my grandsons.  Hopefully they will remember this experience with their Nana!!


  1. That is such a cool plant and what great memories you've given your grandsons!

  2. Those are seriously cool Wellies! I used to grow Moon Vines--moths loved them. Thanks for the reminder. :)


Ring of Kerry, Ireland
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